Nancy O’Dell Is Keeping Busy

Access Hollywood alum Nancy O’Dell has had many life altering events in the past three years, the birth of daughter Ashby Grace, the death of her mother, as well as a major career shift. O’Dell gave Working a look into how motherhood has changed the way she views life, and how it has changed the focus of her career.

O’Dell and husband Keith Zubchevich welcomed their daughter, Ashby in June 2007. The following spring Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant, her first book was published. Of writing the tip-filled book, O’Dell says, “When I was pregnant, there were so many things that happened that I didn’t expect; so many things that nobody told me about—like the red spots on my chest! Friends tell you about all the wonderful, joyous things and forget to tell you about the scary or embarrassing things—I didn’t want to spare the details for new moms.”

After a short 3 month maternity leave from Access Hollywood, O’Dell was experiencing, “one big guilt trip,” trying to find balance, although she felt strongly about showing Ashby “an example of a working mom.” Husband Keith helped her through this, telling her, “You need to live in the moment—regardless of whatever decision you make. Otherwise, you’re not enjoying anything you do and you’re always worrying about what you didn’t do.” O’Dell left the show last December and calls it the, “toughest decision I ever made in my life.”

After having such a close relationship with her mother, who passed away in June 2008, O’Dell says that she is never away from her daughter for very long – 3 days maximum. Of her daughters traveling experience, she says, “She’s such a traveler. She starts taking off her shoes and putting it on the bin to place on the security belt!”

O’Dell has many projects currently in the works; a high-end furniture line, “Red Carpet by Nancy O’Dell,” a project with the popular site Momversation, and she is also working on a line of interactive fitness products for the Nintendo Wii with EA Sports ACTIVE. Word is she is also up for a new broadcasting job!

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