Octomom Won’t Rule Out More Children

Nadya Suleman, known to the world as “Octomom”, has been a tabloid target ever since giving birth to her octuplets last January. On Wednesday (February 24) the 34-year-old mother chatted with The View crew about whether or not she’d ever add more children to her family.

“If someday far, far, far, far in the future, when they’re older, if I meet somebody… I’m not going to say 100% ‘no’”, says Nadia, who is mom to six older children in addition to her eight 1-year-olds.

Much of the controversy surrounding Octomom and her offspring concerns her finances – a point which was brought up during the interview. “Every single hour of the day, I contemplate how I am going to do this, to be able to support them,” says Nadya, who had been working on her master’s degree in counseling before the arrival of her octuplets. “It’s a Catch-22. If I go back to school… I couldn’t possibly earn enough money to take care of them… So the only other option is to delve into other opportunities… you know, doing interviews… to make the money.”

The mom-of-14 confesses that she sleeps just “two hours a night”:

My life has become literally a blur of child rearing.

She also went on to talk about her motivation for losing the 145lbs of baby weight: “The main reason was obviously revenue and I’m the first to admit it. I’m very, very open and honest about that.”

Nadya is a single mother. Her children were all conceived via in vitro fertilization.

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  1. bink

    Oh please, Octomom–your 15 minutes is way way over. What happens when you have a house full of teenagers?

  2. Anonymous

    umm it seems she LO$$$$$VES the attention more than she loves her children?

  3. Anonymous

    I watched that interview on the view…she’s got a manical laugh and the ladies got a kick out of it and rolled with it!!!

  4. cyberkitten40

    This woman needs to be sterilized

    • carrie

      She’s already more or less- she is BARREN and cannot have kids without IVF aid. So, her considering more kids is even more laughable. Who will pick up the tab of the IVF etc? Another litter? Really? She’s vile. Shame on CBC for even giving this pig attention. Are page hits that important? She’s horrid and NOT A CELEBRITY. She’s a WANNABE who lad a litter. End of story.

  5. nanpan

    I watched the interview on the View as well, and I have to say, she is either on drugs or crazy. She seemed so “out there” it wasn’t even remotely normal.

  6. Sophia

    She should be called Psychomom. She’s so media-hungry it’s not even funny. What she really ought to be doing is raising her kids and providing a healthy and SANE environment for them to grow in. What kind of warped idea of the world are they going to grow up with? Poor things…

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