Patrick Dempsey: “Boys Are Completely Different Than Girls”

Though he’d already had lots of parenting experience with his 8-year-old daughter Talula Fyfe, actor Patrick Dempsey still had a lot to learn about being dad once his twin boys, Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick, joined the family.

“Boys are completely different than girls for obvious reasons,” he explained during a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Physically they’re so much more active!”

The 44-year-old Grey’s Anatomy stud says he’s got to keep a much closer eye on his now 3-year-old boys:

You cannot turn your back [because] there’s always an injury, there’s always something going on.

Recently Patrick and wife Jillian Fink were given a firsthand experience of just how rowdy twin boys can be after they decided to stage a dance party on the dining room table: “They were dancing and doing sort of … a mosh pit, jumping on each other. One of the boys broke his arm.”

The Grey’s star also joked that playing a TV neurosurgeon comes in handy at home: “I get a lot of equipment from Grey’s, so I have my own OR which is really nice,” he laughed. “I do a lot of brain surgery on them — experimentation.”

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I disagree. My 2 yr. old daughter has more energy than any boy her age! They are always running after her and trying to keep up. I will say that I haven’t met another girl quite up to her energy yet, but they exist.