They’re Just Like Us – 6 Stars Who Do Their Own Grocery Shopping

A big part of being a mom? Going to the grocery store. Once upon a time, when you were fancy free, you had the option to eat out every morning, noon and night. But once you have kids, that kind of restaurant lifestyle just won’t fly. One reason- taking kids out to dine can be a challenging event. Plus you need to have milk, cereal, snacks and loads of their fav foods on hand for those ever hungry and growing bodies. So your fridge and pantry needs to be stocked, very stocked.

Many celebrity moms can afford and probably opt to have their “people” do their grocery shopping for them. Some may have chefs to deal with all their families’ dietary needs. But others, they hit the grocery stores themselves, proving to the public (and the ever watching paparazzi) that they’re just like us! Check out six celebrity moms and dads who do their shopping.

Jennifer Garner
When she goes shopping, she really goes shopping. At a recent grocery trip to Gelson’s Supermarket in Los Angeles, she stocked up with not one but two carts of food. And being the kind soul she is, it looks like she’s even tipping the bag boy.

Camila Alves
Matthew McConaughey’s baby mama and the new host of Shear Genius was spotted doing her shopping at the Ralphs in Malibu. She also utilized the bag boy option which it pretty smart since she had a big load of groceries including a couple large bags of briquettes. Looks like someone likes to grill!

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
Since they are currently living and working in New York City, they do almost everything on foot. Here the couple was spotted picking up their groceries and hoofing it back to their apartment. Pete was a gentleman and carried most of their goods. Good boy.

Ellen Pompero
Check out this photo. This is what it looks like when you are a celebrity and you go shopping. Egad! Here Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is confronted by a wall of cameras as she returns home after doing her grocery shopping at her local Whole Foods.

Jessica Alba
The family trio of Jessica Alba, Husband Cash Warren and their daughter Honor are a tight family unit. They’re often snapped together going to the park, going out to eat, getting coffee or in this case going grocery shopping. On this day they hit up both Trader Joe’s and Bristol Farms.

Katie Price
Dressed down in a pink tight tank and shorts, Katie Price took her kids Harvey and Princess Tiaamii on a shopping trip to their local market in Surrey, England. And for the trip, young Princess brought along her own mini Louis Vuitton bag. I wonder if she paid the bill?

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  1. Tracey

    Those photographers in the Pompeo pic, that’s insane.

  2. Boston.Girl

    I think if you tried you could come up with more than 6.

    How often do we see Alyson Hannigan walking baby S home from the farmers market?
    Or Hugh Jackman walking home in NYC carrying bags of groceries?

    I will come up with more but I was surprised those 2 weren’t in this article…

  3. Sophia

    They really ARE just like us! Because that’s exactly what the scene looks like when I do my shopping! I can never escape those damn paparazzi! Jokes, jokes 😉

  4. Duh!

    Of course Matthew McConaughey likes to grill! He’s from Texas.

  5. Anonymous

    Anyone who is actually this interested in celebrities and the fact that they shop is a sad sad individual. Pathetic.

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