Uma Thurman: Parenthood Is A Marathon

Fresh off of playing a multi-tasking mom on the big screen in last year’s Motherhood, Uma Thurman says she’s trying to find the balance between kids and career in her own life as well. The statuesque star, who has children Maya, 11, and Levon, 8, with her ex-husband Ethan Hawke, shares her thoughts on movie-making and being a mom in a new interview with The Times Online.

“Becoming a mother definitely took the focus off my work, and I didn’t mind,” says Uma, who has starred in box office hits such as Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. “Then I had a few panics that I couldn’t get a job any more, and then I would get one. I love what I do. For my wellbeing, I need to be reminded that I have other purposes. In the old days, people pined for their husband. In modern life, your work is like your man, your love.”

In Motherhood, Uma plays a frazzled mom struggling to find her way while dealing with the criticism of the other parents at the playground. Though she insists “I can’t judge anyone else’s experience, I’ve just handled my own circumstances as best I can,” Uma admits she does find herself passing judgement on occasion.

“It’s horrible. And I, myself, have done it to people. The other day, I saw this father lifting up a kid by the arm and I was like, oh, that’s why I have shoulder problems. Somebody thought it’d be fun, and I probably was laughing, and now the rest of my life I’m with the chiropractor. And I said,” – she puts on a whiny voice – “‘You know you can cause damage to the rotator cuff accidentally…’ I’m such a creep.”

She tries to cut herself some slack, though, keeping in mind some sage advice: “Someone once said something to me that I found helpful – parenthood is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. I guess I put a lot of pressure on myself, and feel like I’ve ruined everything. But life is long and all your unnoticed good efforts also add up to something.”

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