Zahara Jolie-Pitt Shops In Style

Daddy Brad Pitt took two of his daughters out for a day of shopping on Tuesday (February 23) in Paris. It looks like papa Pitt and mom Angelina Jolie have a little fashionista on their hands! Zahara, 5, was spotted wearing designer coat by Alice + Olivia worth $330, reports US Weekly.

Daughter Shiloh, 3, tends to take a much more subdued approach to fashion, but Zahara is definitely giving Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri, a run for her money!

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  • Anonymous

    They are sooo cute…There must be something going on with Shiloh’s hair why not cover Zahara’s head as wellif it was that cold outside. Just asking.

    • Anonymous

      didn’t u see the pic? she’s got a new haircut.

  • Anonymous

    so cute! both sucking their thumb and holding blankets! <3

  • poor baby shiloh

    poor shiloh why does Zahara get to dress girly and Shi dress like a boy and look like one

    • tomboy

      God forbids girls cant wear pants and sneakers and have short hair. get over yourself

  • Anonymous

    shiloh looks so tall! cute picture 🙂

  • gender role suck

    I pretty sure they let her wear what she want, they dont do it for their sake but for the child happiness. i am the 2nd oldest of 5 kids and the only girl, My baby brother loves dresses since he was really young, anything pink he is about it makeup he wanted it. and my step father treats him like crap all the time, making he feel bad, trying to man him up since he was 2 years old along with my brothers and mom. He been playing sports since he was 4 anything boyish they force it down his throat. he is 10 and miserable and had to hospitalize last year cause he told he friend he was going to kill himself. I hate going home because it hard to watch, he never smile or laughs, he his so unhappy and he withdrawn. I dont know if he is gay or not, I dont care I just know that if my mom and step dad will let that little boy be who he is his quality of life would be so much better. I am just hoping that in 3 years my life will be better organizes and he can come live with me. GENDER ROLE SUCK AND YOU CANT CHANGE WHO A PERSON IS INSIDE

    • Lioness

      Thank you for sharing your story, gender role. I completely agree with you- gender roles suck. They suck big, hairy donkey ass. You are who you are. I have a younger sister very close in age, and when we were kids, my mother used to dress us in dresses and other feminine things. My sister loved it- me, not so much. I would come home from school with huge holes in my stockings from playing, and stains and rips in my dresses. I never really liked wearing that stuff or playing with “girls'” toys, and when I hit about 7 or 8, my mom started letting me wear what I wanted- which was nothing but sweatsuits, jeans, and sneakers. And I’m grateful to this day for it. You gotta let people be who they are- all these people feeling so sorry for Shiloh just kill me, lol. She’ll be fine, people- stop “feeling bad” for her not appearing to be (I say “appearing” because almost all of us on here don’t even know her) something YOU think she should be. I wish you all the best.

  • Kati

    I really think that it´s actually cute that these sisters have so different styles. Zee is obviously more girly girl and Shi a tomboy. Shi looks really beautiful no matter what she wears. I´m pretty certain that her currents style won´t have anything to do with her future sexual orientation. That girl will definitely grow up to be a very beautiful young woman who´s gonna break many boys´ hearts before finding Mr. Right. And I also love Zee because she seems to be a real fashionista. She truly is giving Suri Cruise a run for her money! The only difference is that Zee certainly doesn´t wear these designer clothes all the time like Suri does. She seems to be wearing them on special occasions like when she goes out with her parents AND grandpa Jon Voight. I´m also sure hat one day in the future Zee will give Shi a lesson or two how to dress up femininely! LOL!

    • Karli

      or grow up to break a lot of women’s hearts! It never ceases to amaze me how much heterosexuality is assumed…

  • melo1983

    Shiloh looks like a mini-Ellen! Aw!

  • Anonymous

    Gender role suck , please be supportive of your brother. My neighbors son hung himself last year he was very feminine and was verbally harassed by his brothers and dad. He was 15 and the kindest boy I’ve ever met. I will pray for you brother that he has the strength to endure his situation w/ stepdad. As for the designer clothes the designer may he gifted that purse to Suri. I Know celebs always get free stuff(expensive). Look at the free publicity the designer gets from the deal

    • gender role suck

      That is my biggest fear and I am supportive and I tell him so all the time and I yell at my family for it all the time. I dont know if Shiloh picks her clothes or not but if she does and that who she feel she is right now, then I am all for parents who support their children in whatever they choose as long as its not hurting no one else. One day Shi is going to look back and know that she was truely love for who she was not how she dressed, or looked or any thing like that and she will be a better person for it.

  • Anon1

    I feel sorry for these kids. In the next few years, we are gonna find out that they are really messed.

    They seem sad and disconnected from their parents and from one another. Still their apologists will say anything to excuse all the bad parenting these kids are receiving.

  • Sophia

    Oh my God. Every photo of Shiloh recently turns into a debate over her hair and clothes. Just let her be a kid!

  • PearlSquirt

    I think that everyone is forgetting Shiloh is just a child. Can anyone of you remember having any conscious thought or decision to be heterosexual or bisexual at three years old? It could just be a childish thing, and its been blown out of proportion because she is a celeb child. It could also mean that she is an intelligent child, to be able to try dressin boyishly knowin that boys dress differently than girls. She is trying out her looks. Its so easy for little girls to be girly. Shiloh is brave.

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh is probably moving towards a more boyish style coz she knows Zahara won’t try to take her stuff that way.

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