Angelina Jolie Gets An On-Set Visit

Angelina Jolie had a very special visitor today on the set of her new film The Tourist in Paris, France: Her 6-year-old son Pax! The mom-of-six seemed more than happy to take a break from filming to spend a bit of one-on-one time with her adorable boy.

They’ve only just begun work on the movie, but Johnny Depp has been quick to sing the praises of his A-list co-star:

“I’d never met Angelina before but I found her to be a real treat, I mean a real doll,” he says. “She’s a nice woman, serious about what she does and loves her man and loves her kids. I was very impressed.”

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  • Kati

    So wonderful to see Pax out with his mum! I hate those people who say that we never see Pax out alone with either one of his parents. That they prefer Maddox over his little brother! Now here´s a proof that they love Pax as much as they love Mad or the other children. Just look at that beautiful smile on Pax´s face when he gets some one-on-one time with his mum! That is beyond words. He is a handsome little boy. Hopefully the next time we see him he´ll be having some one-on-one time with daddy. Those two certainly have bonded very well. He seems to be almosta s tall as his big bro. And how cute is it to see that he´s carried by his mum! No matter that he´s already 6! Deep down he still is a little boy who wants to be carried by both of his parents.

  • Liron

    Pax is SO cute… I wish I had the money to adopt a child from Asia.

  • Kay

    What a catty jealous comment, ‘Liron.’ Or do you mean you wish you had the money to ‘adopt,’ PERIOD? News bulletin: adoption agencies domestically and internationally will charge fees, and I’ve heard it cost much more here in the U.S. and takes twice as long. So what are you talking about you ‘wish you had the money to adopt an asian child?’ My guess is, you’re implying the oft-slung around slur that people who have adopted from foreign nations ‘buy’ their babies (Way to insult Ewan MacGregor, Meg Ryan and John McCain and the millions of Americans who’ve given orphans in third world nations a home and family).

    • Liron

      oh wow… you took an awful lot of meaning to my comment o_O
      Take it easy, really. Not everyone is cynical.
      I just meant that I would love to adopt an Asian child but I don’t have money to do so.. I didn’t mean to imply anything else beyond that. Are you now going to put me down for wanting an Asian child? Let me go ahead and say I’m not American and the procedure in my country include a waiting line of 7 years to adopt a native child, so adopting abroad is the only feasible way to adopt for me and I love Asians. of course since I’m broke, I can’t do that and I wont even try to conceive a baby when I can hardly finance myself. Hope that answers your questions ^^

  • Anonymous

    Wow Kay, I think you took that comment way too personally. Maybe it’s always been a dream of Liron’s to adopt from Asia. Calm down!

  • Geena

    Then why not say that? Why infer that the only way a person can adopt ‘from Asia,’ is to have boatloads of money. It takes money to birth, adopt and raise a baby ANYWHERE in the world, I agree with Kay, it was a backhanded slam against Jolie and Pitt, specifically Jolie – am tired of these catty females hating too.

    • Liron

      You can go read my comments in other Jolie posts and you’ll be able to tell I love her. Read my reply to the person above. Not everyone is hateful around here and if you choose to have a negative spin on every comment it’s your problem. You’re absolutely right though, raising a child is expensive which is why I am not planning to have any kids biologically for the time being.

  • Anna

    She mentioned Asia because she thinks Pax is so cute! And adoption is expensive, most people cannot afford it. It has nothing to do with buying children.

  • gerry1989

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  • Anonymous

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