Trista & Ryan Sutter’s Palos Verdes Pals

Bachelorette couple Trista and Ryan Sutter spent the day poolside on Sunday (February 28) with their two adorable children – daughter Blakesly, 10-months and son Max, 2.

The couple, who are currently on vacation in Palos Verdes, Calif., seemed to be having a great time as they basked in the sun, played in the sand and chatted with friends, Charlie O’Connell and girlfriend Sarah Bryce.

In a recent interview, Trista, 37, shared what she loves most about being a mother:

Everyday, I love walking in and seeing my baby girl smiling from ear to ear for me in the morning. I love getting hugs. Not that I ever want my child to hurt, but if Max is like, ‘Mommy, mommy,’ just knowing that I can be that person for him and be there for him, it’s the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me.

Trista and Ryan, who met in 2002 on the first season of ABC’s The Bachelorette, have been married since December 2003.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Sarah G.

    Their kids are cute!

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about the people? They are NOBODYS! Trista is desparate for attention!

    • Anonymous

      How does going on vacation and minding their own business equal being desperate for attention? I don’t see them posing for the cameras or doing anything beyond what a normal family would do.

      If you don’t care about the subject of the posts, why do you bother commenting on them? This blog posts lost of things about people I don’t care about. Know what I do? I just scroll right past and ignore them. Try it – it’s very easy!

  • Anonymous

    Trista must have called the media to let them know where she was going on vacation! She needs to fade away!

  • grace

    Trista is very unattractive inside and out. She is a greedy person, she probably attended Jason’s wedding because it was all free. She has put him down rudely before, and then went to his wedding when she heard she would get a free hotel and things with it. Trista’s favorite word is “free”. She got paid $1 million to do nothing and will go anywhere and do anything so long as its free and she gets more and more stuff for nothing. That’s the true definition and model of greedy and shallow and fake. At least Jason can pay his own bills without sponging off tv for $1 million, Trista can’t do that. Go away Trista please.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m sure if someone offered you a million dollars to do nothing, you’d turn it down. Give me a break.

  • CelineDionFanForever

    That child has a very large forehead…

  • grace

    well if i did take $1million for doing nothing, i wouldn’t have the nerve to try and keep popping up everywhere passing myself off as some person who doesn’t care about money and gifts. Trista put down men on the bachelorette show because they had “crummy”jobs like working in a resteraunt or something, at least they do something besides sponge off networks…if i took money for doing zip and mooched off people…i would never put down others who are working and doing what they can. Trista is shallow and greedy and I hope she gets a job and disappears now.

  • k

    How much money did you pay Trista for these pics and this article, plus all the cbb stuff that’s going to come up. There are a lot of sites I use to like but they are covering money grubbers like Trista. How much does she get for this sort of thing, of course it’s only her because she controls everything, money, Ryan, everything. sad.

  • faye

    Has anyone seen those shows on VH1 where they have silly countdowns of various things. My kids had it on the other day and they had one on phoniest faux-lebrities and Twisted Twista was at the top of the list. It showed footage of her on the phone with the first bachelor Alex talking about how great she thinks she looks and how everybody wants to see her in a bathing suit…we were all like…eww sick. Somebody’s is way to full of themselves and I dont think anybody else goes on about Trista as much as Trista does. She seems to be the only one that thinks she looks so g reat and that the world “wants to see me in a ******ng bikini”. as Trista said. Wasn’t she the 1st one of the whole dancing series booted off…probably because of that narcissistic petty full of herself attitude she has. Keep mooching Trista I’m sure you’re doing your parents proud. My kids and I did use to be fans of hers until she turned greedy and mooching and milked $1 million. She put down too many people too as if she was their mother or something, I’m sure Trista’s mother wasn’t beaming with pride when Trista talked about how nobody ever satisfied her in the bedroom. So, unless you’re the model of perfect eloquent behavior Trista..quit putting other people down. You have a very long way to go. Just go away and keep controlling people and leave everyone else alone

  • karli

    They are a beautiful couple,the kids are very cute and this comments ,in my opinion came from very jeauleous people.

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