5 Celebrity Dads Who Take On The School Run

We all know, generally speaking, that mothers do far more than their fair share of parental duties. From dinner to diapering, moms usually end up having to do more kidcentric tasks than those dear old dads out there. So, it’s always refreshing to spy a man, and a famous man at that, taking care of their offspring. Whether it’s pushing the stroller, carrying their infant in a BabyBjorn or just going to the park, it’s a heartwarming thing to see.

One task that traditionally goes to the gals is doing the school drop off or pick up, but here are five celebrity dads who have, on occasion, taken on the job of bringing their children to school themselves . Check out who makes the journey here. Let’s hear it for the boys!

  • Matthew Broderick often takes his son James Wilkie to and from school.
  • Ben Affleck, when he isn’t working, takes the time to pick up daughter Violet from her preschool.
  • Twilight star Peter Facinelli was spotted a while ago picking up one of his three daughters from her preschool.
  • Hugh Jackman is often spotted taking daughter Ava in her school in New York City and he always makes drop off and pick up look really really fun.
  • Edward Burns was seen picking up his son Finn in New York City.
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Photo credit: Fame Picture, Bauer Griffin

  • Sophia

    The littlest Facinelli girl, who that little one could only be as she is obviously not Luca or Lola, has a bob haircut with a fringe. What’s going on there? Her hair is suddenly long and fringe-less? Huh?
    Cute photos, though 🙂

  • Boston.Girl

    Three of my all time favorite Hollywood men make this article!
    Hugh Jackman, Peter Fatchinelli, and Ben Afleck! While Their wives obviously find them HOT and love them dearly! Those school mom’s must get star-struck too (I know I would)…

    What lucky children they have – not because their Dad’s are famous but because their Dad’s take part in their lives! If your husband does this too, let him know how much it means to you and your children!

  • AnnieK

    It really is just one of the sexiest sights ever. Mmm. Though, along with Jackman, I have to say that my other favorite hands-on celeb dad would be Paul Bettany. Almost every photo I’ve seen of him out and about, he’s with one or both of his boys, looking badass and paternal all the while.

  • nicoleC

    I love Hugh ~
    He’s sexy and a good father !!!
    His kids and wife are do lucky ,wish them happy foreverrrrr

  • Anonymous

    Sophia, I’m pretty sure that is an old picture of Peter and Lola. I’m guessing it was taken during Jennie’s pregnancy with Fiona.

    • Sophia

      Yeah, that makes sense. Though I think it would’ve been before Jennie fell pregnant with Fiona, because Lola was- wait, she was three, so you’re probably right 🙂

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