Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Tote Their Too-Cute Twins

There’s no debating this time: It’s Knox and Vivienne! The adorable pair were with their famous parents today as they boarded a boat on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy (March 4). The group, which also included big sister Shiloh, 3 1/2, were headed to the set of Angelina Jolie‘s new flick The Tourist.

We’ve been seeing a lot of the beautiful Jolie-Pitt brood during their overseas stay. Just this weekend Shiloh and her older siblings Zahara, 5, Pax, 6, and Maddox, 8, were spotted joining Brad and Angie for a sail along the Canal.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Kati

    OMG! So this time it´s really Knox in his mum´s arms boarding the water taxi! He is sooo adorable. He seems to share his big sister´s love for these “silkies”. He has exactly the same kind od striped hat as his older brothers have. I guess that Brad carried Viv and held Shi´s hand. Can´t wait to see more pics of this outing!

  2. Anonymous

    Why do they dress their girls in such boring drab colors? The girls look like boys! Cute kids though!

  3. Eheath

    I think Viv looks gorgous i dont think it should be blue for boy and pink for girl, there both gunna be heart breakers! what a beautiful family!

  4. Anonymous

    uh-oh…i swear i thought angelina was carrying knox. i’m not tryin to be mean, but who’s who? it WOULD be nice if they dressed their little girl like a little girl [unlike what some people think – not necessarily in pink or frilly skirts or dresses]. Lord knows their boys are dressed like boys. even Zee wears girly clothes. why not shi and viv? Surely viv didn’t stomp her teeny feet that probably just learnt to walk and asked to be dressed exactly like big bro, now did she?

  5. Anonymous

    Jeeze those three children look exactly the same! I thought Angie was carrying Shiloh!

  6. Kati

    Eheath – I so agree with you. Why should it always be blue for a boy and pink for a girl! We live in a modern world where old rules don´t apply. Even grown men wear pink nowadays and most of them are straight. In the past one always assosiated pink with being gay but not anymore. Times have changed and we should too. I admire Brad and Angie not just because they´re great actors and humanitarians but also because they dress their children in different colors. If it happens to be black or blue so what. And as far as Shi´s current tomboy look is concerned I wouldn´t be too worried. She will without a doubt be a very feminine young woman one day. Her mother has admitted many times been a tomboy when she was a child. And look at her now! She´s really beautiful and feminine! So stop guessing about Shi´s future sexual orientation, you JP haters!

    • Eheath

      Thankyouu, i sed this before when people were calling them just for how Shiloh dresses, they let them dress themselfs and i admire that about them i think it tells us alot about the child i think Shiloh does it to be like her brothers! the children look happy and healty what does it matter how they dress there children i just think its silly people get into such a argument over how people dress there children.

  7. Megan

    The cutest kids is Hollywood. Knox looks like Angie , Vivi looks like just Brad, Shiloh is perfect mix

  8. Anonymous

    Ok this might sound mean but it’s not my intention… They look the same because they’re test tube twins… Plain and simple. What’s so “too-cute” about them? They look like any other baby out there.

    • me2

      i dont think you know what test tube means.

    • keepher-kat

      Why does it hurt you so much that people think they are too cute, everybody is entitled to have an opinion.

    • Eheath

      Thats impossible, even if they were IVF babies they wouldnt be identical because they are diffrent sex therefore means they didnt share a placenta meaning they will never be identical, at the moment all we see are chubby cheeks and angelinas lips, we havnt seen a close enough picture to know how diffent they are, look at pictures when they were born they had diffrent hair colour and one was alot darker!

    • Anonymous

      Angelina hs already explained the twins were not “test tube” twins.She stated that she and Brad have been fortunate NEVER to have fertility issues.BTW Angelina is carrying Knox (who looks just like Shiloh) and Brad’s carrying Viv.All of the Jolie-Pitt children are beautiful.Angelina and Brad are very fortunate.I wish them the best!

  9. Liron

    They are adorable~ I love seeing pics of this beautiful family, and it’s nice to see more of the twins. They are cute like their brothers and sisters 🙂

    But reading the same complaints about the girls not being girly is getting annoying… I guess I should be thankful I wasn’t born into a celeb family, because I was quite the tomboy most of my life and blue is still my favorite color ^^

  10. Anonymous

    They really are gorgeous kids.

  11. Anonymous

    Brad’s family has twins in it, his own sister has twin girls! It’s not like it’s impossible.

  12. Alis13

    Wow, twins are the most beauty celebrite babies.

  13. Hannah

    They have such beautiful kids but dress them in black and blue like they are in mourning.

  14. Sophia

    I never really thought Knox looked much like his big sister, but this photo just screams Shiloh! I mean, obviously they look alike in the way that they both have fair hair, blue eyes, big Jolie lips, but I never thought they looked identical in the way some commenters did. Until I saw this photo. Cute kids 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    This entire family dresses in earth tones its not going to change. so if you have a problem with the drab colors stop clicking on the pics and ignore this family. There are dozens of kids on this site dressed in vibrant colors so look at their posts

  16. Lioness

    Knox is a mini-Brad, and Vivienne is a mini-Angelina. Seriously cute kids!

  17. JessA

    Knox is mini Jolie , very beauty boy

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