Candace Cameron Says Motherhood Is “Amazing”

Mom-of-three Candace Cameron Bure loves a full house, but she insists that she and her husband Valeri Buri won’t be having any more kids.

“We’re done. Would I like more? Sure. I would love more. But we’re finished,” she tells OK! “As my husband would say, when we travel and rent a car, we can all fit in a normal-sized car and not have to get an SUV for five seats. It’s all about the car.”

It sounds as though the 33-year-old mom is kept busy enough as it is thanks to her kids Natasha, 11, Lev, 10 and Maksim, 8. Saying that “sports and school are the priorities,” Candace reveals that she and Valeri are very hands-on parents.

“We turn off the TV, video games and computer – except for homework – during the week,” she says. “The TV’s reserved for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday just because that’s the time to do homework, and it makes it that much less chaotic in our house. Exercise is a huge part of our home, too, and making sure that their bodies get what they need, also, physically, because that helps them to relax and for them to do their schoolwork all the better.”

So how do the pair, who tied the knot in 1996, manage to find time for one another?

“Lunch dates are huge for us,” she says. “We do a lot of lunches because the kids are all in school, and it’s the perfect time…. just the two of us, to talk, go through the week, go through schedules and just have alone time.”

Though she admits there are challenges (“Different things work for different kids, and it’s finding the balance and the right techniques that the kids respond to,” she says), Candace is more than happy to take them on.

“It’s amazing. My kids have grown me in ways I never knew possible. The patience I’ve received and the love I get from is just amazing.”

Fans of the former Full House star can catch her these days on ABC Family’s Make It or Break It.

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Photo credit: Mikel Healey / Briana Marie Photography


    This is a beautiful family.

  • Anonymous

    Wow they got really shiney eyes, very strong blue color. Non the less, beautiful family.

  • Dana

    Gorgeous family. The youngest looks a lot like her brother Kurt.

  • rachel s

    Candance Cameron looks amazing young, and beautiful. Its hard to believe she has an 11 year old daughter.

  • Anonymous

    Her brother is Kirk lol

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