Jennifer Garner’s Park Pals

After picking up her adorable 4-year-old daughter Violet from preschool, Jennifer Garner spent the afternoon at a Santa Monica playground with both of her girls – including 13-month-old Seraphina – on Thursday (March 4).

It looks like sweet Sera is a pro at walking now!

We just spotted the 37-year-old Valentine’s Day star with both of her girls yesterday. What a sweet group!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin / Flynet

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina is the cutest baby around I swear!!!

  • Kati

    How cute is Seraphina! She is without a doubt one of the cutest celeb babies at the moment. She looks really cute eating that cookie. It seems that she and the Jolie-Pitt twins seem to share the love for cookies. But who wouldn´t!? And also big sis Violet looks absolutely adorable! Wonderful to see the Garner-Affleck ladies out together! These three are really beautiful. Violet and Sera will both be real beauties just like their mum.

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous girls and gorgeous mom! always so happy!

  • Anonymous

    Love little Violet’s Treetorns! Those were my favorite tennis shoes!!


    It’s good to see Jennifer dressed nice instead of those old ratty jeans all the time.

  • AnonymousJo

    Violet &Serafina is not cute, look like Jennifer

  • charr

    violet is very tall but she is so adorable and seraphina is so cute i think that violet looks like daddy and seraphina looks like mommy i love this family they are so down to earth

  • Romeo Blue

    Serafina is cute but definitley not the cutest Hollywood kid. Bailey Baio, Francesca Bateman, Nahla Aubrey and Dannielynn Birkhead beat her hands down. I would have mentioned Shiloh too until they made her look like a boy.

  • kitty

    I think both girls are beauties.
    But to say that Violet looks like Ben and Serphina looks like Jen is crazy. Violet has her mom’s ears and full lips. Seraphina has her dad’s ears and thinner lips. Both kids are a mixture of both parents. But, When you look at Violet you are looking at Jennifer. They also have the same beautiful smile as well.

  • Anonymous

    Guess Jen read how you the comment page keep telling her that she dresses like a slob..!!! and how she is changing the way Sera dresses
    too..!! For the better… love the sandals…Wonder who Sera and Jen
    are looking at .. the nanny>>Thanks so much ..

  • Anonymous

    Cute, but too bad V has that idiopathic toe walking problem and is slow.

  • Julian’s Mommy

    Beautiful babies!!! Of course when the parents are gorgeous what do you expect?! I do have to say that it’s odd they are all dressed warmly and Sera has sandles on!

  • Anonymous

    Sweetest and cutest mom and daughters on the Hollywood scene. Love how they always spending quality time together.

  • Sophia

    It is actually unbelievable how adorable little Seraphina is. Of course Violet’s gorgeous too, but that Seraphina? Cutest ever.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Seraphina is absolutely adorable and so is Violet. Love this family

  • Barbara13

    No cute girls,look like her mother. Jennifer is not pretty.The cutest in Hollywood are Kingston ,twins Jolie Pitt,Nahla, Leni Klum and Sasha Sreiber.

  • Annebows

    How cute Violet is wearing double ruffle hair bow from Jennifer little girls are really Precious!

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