The Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Tomboy Topic Rages On

Life & Style asks: “Why is Angelina turning Shiloh into a Boy?”

When Brad Pitt was spotted in Paris last month holding his 3 1/2-year-old daughter Shiloh, it looked like he and Angelina Jolie had adopted a new child. Instead, it was sweet Shi sporting a new haircut that ignited a firestorm of controversy. “It’s a drastic change,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “The last time we’d seen her, her hair was longer and blonder, and she was more girlie. We were surprised Angelina dressed her so much like a little boy.”

Our readers weighed in on Shiloh’s new ‘do: “I don’t like at all. She’s a pretty little girl but I think Shiloh looks better with long hair.” Others argued, “There’s nothing wrong with short hair on girls and women!” Some even suggested it’s a wig!

Fueling the debate, Brad told Oprah that his daughter responded only to boys’ names. “We’ve got to call her John,” noting that when he started to ask, “Shi, do you want…” she would interrupt with “John. I’m John.” Brad continued, “I’ll say, ‘John, would you like some orange juice?’ And she goes, ‘No!’”

Once again, experts weigh in on the topic. Some say that indulging Shiloh’s masculine behavior is a mistake. “Little girls have never been women before,” Glenn Stanton, director of Family Formation Studies at the conservative organization Focus on the Family, tells Life & Style. “They need help, they need guidance of what that looks like. It’s important to teach our children that gender distinction is very healthy.”

But others say that letting Shiloh wear what she wants is a vital part of learning to form her own identity. “Giving preschool-age children the freedom and flexibility to experiment with how they want to be seen in the world is a wonderful gift,” parenting coach Karen Deerwester, author of The Entitlement-Free Child, tells Life & Style.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

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  1. Letitbe

    WOW, She looks like Grandpa.

  2. Romeo Blue

    At 3 years old, they’re not old enough to tell their parents to cut their hair or dress like a boy. If they were dressing Knox in dresses and heels, would you still have a problem or still think it’s “normal”?

    • me2

      you obviously dont have a 3 year old, they do have minds of their own. and knox isnt 3.

    • Lioness

      Romeo, they definitely are old enough. If this is how Shiloh likes to dress, should they force her to wear “girly” clothes? Wouldn’t THAT be problematic?

    • Anonymous

      you obviously do not have children. our 3 year old picks out her own clothes (with a little help of course). she demands a dress and flip flops. our 10 year old will not put a stitch of girl clothes on and that is fine too. The great thing about kids is they dont know they have to fit in the stupid box that society has made for them. we could learn alot from their innocense. back off idiots!!

    • Oh please!!

      Umm, FYI, I *do* have kids, and in fact have a 3 year old. No.possible.way I’d let him put on a dress just because he wanted to “express himself.” PUH-EASE!!!!! When all you people tell me this is ok with you and you’d let your son dress like this, I’ll go ahead and bake a cake with my words on it and eat it all up. @@

  3. Janis

    My daughter(preschooler) likes to play with dinosaurs and trains and loves the colors blue, green and purple. I love that she doesn’t want to be a princess or a fairy. It makes her that more special and creative.

  4. Anonymous

    I think she looks better with shorter hair…it really suits her. And..I have a 3 year old. She HATES her hair combed. Maybe Brad and Angelina were going thru the same thing and had enough…and cut it off! My daughter hates to have her hair up…so I cut it off…I couldn’t stand it being in her face. Not as short as shilo’s…but you get the idea….

  5. Kediia

    I agree with Anonymous ..
    I think Shiloh looks great like this
    And I dont think that the parents are forcing her to do this ..
    If its her choice and she turns out to be a REAL tomboy, who cares ?
    It wont arm her ..

  6. Lauren Rachel

    seriously, I am so jealous of her hair. When I was her age I was obsessed with the Parent Trap and I SO wanted that haircut!!!!! She looks adorable. and roleplaying as a child seems totally normal. Clearly none of us know her personally.

  7. Anonymous

    Isn’t this the same magazine that has been saying that Brad and Angelina have been breaking up for the past two years?

    Anyway, I think their anonymous sources are just internet posters from different websites.

  8. Kati

    Those child “experts” who say that Angie is trying to turn Shiloh into a boy should all go to hell! They know nothing about this little girl! To me she looks absolutely adorable with that short hair! I, personally, have always have had a short hair and wouldn´t change a thing. I was mistaken for a boy as a child but it didn´t harm me at any way. And I´ve always liked blue, green and black that pink or yellow. I love red but mostly stick to blue and green. As long as Shi herself feels comfortable in her own skin we should respect her choices. A 3-year-old is old enough to choose her/his own clothes. I remember that my younger brother was 3 years old when he realized that red and yellow are “girly” colors and refused to wear anything that had those two colors. So leave this beautiful little girl alone and let her find her own identity. I´m really positive about it that she´ll be very feminine when she grows up.

  9. Anonymous

    I know you’re just reprinting things from another source, but that doesn’t mean this site should present everything from it as a valid point of view. Focus on the Family is a vicious, bigoted organization whose only purpose is to demonize people they don’t like. By even suggesting that their dangerous opinions could be valid, you are giving them legitimacy. Please think about that before you post trash like this.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    A BIG mistake! Shiloh was adorable before with her long blonde hair, (: Now its just awful, she looks like an old man.

  12. Leximomto4

    uh huh !!!!!!!! poor lil thing

  13. Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with this child. She is adorable. People need to mind their own business.

  14. Anonymous

    it is obvious that she decides herself what to wear, so do not accuse angelina of forcing her child to something! zahara is always clothed girly and shiloh not really, but who cares, as long as they like it!!!!!! it is much better for a child to be that independent and not to always follow typical roles…girls are often being raised to some kind of victims or helpless creatures, so its much better to mix boyish and girly outfits, games and so on…

  15. Anonymous

    Its a real SHAME that a site like this is posting Lies and Sh*t nasty story about a little 3yr child girl. Frankly, this site is no better than they are. Brad took Shiloh clothes shopping NOT Angie and HE allowed her to choose what she wanted, but Angie ALONE gets blamed for nonsense.

  16. Anonymous

    I think I would be more concered if she was a boy wanted to dress up in girl cloths, she is only 3 and will be just fine!! people let her live and have fun, she is healthy and happy for crying out loud.

    • Anonymous

      Why? It’s the exact same thing. So if it were a boy who was only 3 he wouldn’t be just fine, and people shouldn’t let him live and have fun even they he would be happy and healthy for crying out loud.

      The amount of unconscious homophobia on this and other sites is just astounding.

  17. Renee

    I really don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. I’m sure it’s just because they’re celebrities. But I think individuality is important.. learning your own style and character, even at 3 years old, is great! Her hair cut actually looks like she took the scissors to her own head and then had to have it professionally cut. You have to also think, she has two older brothers… she could just be a tomboy that would rather roughhouse with them than dress up all girly like her sister. No big deal, get over it.

  18. Momto2

    Its really upsetting to me to hear these magazines make up things about this beautiful little girl. I personally believe in letting kids express themselves. When I was young from about 4-10 I wore short hair and shorts and pants. I would never wear a dress or a skirt and my parents never pushed the issue. When I became a teenager I started dressing like a girl and grew my hair out long. I didn’t have any issues because I was a “tomboy”. As a parent to 2 kids right now I definatelly encourange them to wear gender appropriate clothes. But in reallity as long as they are happy I am happy.

  19. Lilly

    It’s ok if she doesn’t like barbie’s and wearing dresses, but it’s a whole other issue when they cut her hair and call her John. This is crazy! Their confusing the child. This is certainly NOT OK!

    • Anonymous

      They don’t call her John.. she likes to call herself John because she likes Peter Pan… when I was 5 years old I liked to call myself “Christopher” – and it’s not even a common name in my country, I just liked it from TV, just like Shiloh. She’s going to be a stunning woman when she’s older and being a tomboy will only add character.

  20. Peta

    ‘They’ call her John? I could have sworn that it was Shiloh who wanted to be called John, long before the hair cut and the boy clothes.

    Bet if she asked to be called Princess Snappy Cakes and dressed in all kinds of frills and frippery, no one would be having issues.

  21. Elle

    Shiloh is gorgeous the way she is, she likes Peter Pan and she wants to be like him! I also was like her when I was little, I wanted to be called “Tom” because of an anime character that I loved! I was exactly like her and now I am a perfect eterosexual girl who has been loving her boyfriend for seven years and want to marry him! Leave Shiloh and her parents alone!

  22. cemetreesc

    i think she probably just looks up to her brothers and prefers being more like them. i think if she truely wanted to dress girliy that angie and brad would let her.. looks at zahara.. both girls are lovely as they are!!!!

  23. Audrey

    Consider the magazine that did the “reporting”.

    I usually think of a boys haircut as over the ears. This just looks like the haircut I had as a little girl.

  24. Anonymous

    Shiloh wanted to be called Tom, not Brad or Angelina.

    I think a 3 year old child is old enough to choose her own clothes and hairstyle and it’s okay when she want a boyish haircut.

  25. Anna

    It’s very disgusting to see Shiloh dressing like a boy, having everyone call her John and sporting a boy’s haircut. Thank goodness Suri is a little girl that dresses like a girl. It is very refreshing to see her in dresses, instead of pants everytime she is photographed. Bravo to Katie and Tom for dressing her like a girl. Angelina and Brad need to wake up before it is too late and let Shiloh know she is a girl not a boy.

    • Anonymous

      Umm? Ok? … If a child is happy and content, then everything is ok. Their are many tomboys in the world. It’s ok. They still know they are girls.

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather my 3 year old girl wearing a short haircut and “boy” clothes than wearing heels that aren’t healthy even for adults.

    • abby

      it’s a shame there are people like you who judge this child and call her personality disgusting. are you living in 1950? why do little girls have to wear dresses all the time? Bravo to katie and tom for letting suri be herself, which happens to be feminine, not bravo for dressing her like a girl. tom even said she dresses herself. just like shiloh. and bravo to brad and angelina for letting shiloh be herself rather than try to mold her into what they THINK a little girl should be. that would be far more damaging to a child.

  26. VENEZUELA*JoliePitt** (L)

    If YOU DONT UNDERSTAND TRANSLATE Shiloh es bella con o sin el cabello cortoooo… Quien sabe si ella jugando se corto su cabello, o ese es el estilo de ella. Y no es culpa de Angelina porque si no ella vistiera a Zahara y a Vivienne como varones. Igual es bella dejen de hablar cosas de ellos** If YOU DONT UNDERSTAND TRANSLATE

  27. VENEZUELA*JoliePitt** (L)

    Tampoco se parece a un varon y bien tontos el que la confunda con Knox. Ella es mayor que el** PIENSEN (THINKKKKKKKK)

  28. Anonymous

    She’s nicer like this. Now, I hope, there is not fair dying with her new hair cut. It will be too damageable, her hair aren’t as strong as adult’s!

  29. Kati

    No one seems to remember that Shi used to have short hair when she was younger. Just look at the old pics from the time she was 1-year-old. At that time she had short hair too. I think that she looks just adorable. No matter does she have short or long hair. This little girl is gonna be a beautiful young woman one day!

  30. amy

    i was a “tom-boy” too. I cut my hair on the one side of my head when i was about shilo’s age. after that of course my mom had to cut it all over. I played soccer with the boys and liked to get dressed in the “sporty” stile…no skirts, no dresses, no pink. My older brother was my idol, I wanted to do what he did and wear what he has worn.
    and today, almost 20 years later, I love wearing skirts, I have long hair, my fav. color is puprle, I have a boyfriend and I didn’t turn to a lesbian.
    Shiloh is such a cutie and one of my fav. celeb toddler, as you can definitely see that she got a strong character and her own mind.
    way to go Shiloh

  31. Lioness

    What a pointless topic. CBS, stop dragging the “debate” on, please. Shiloh is Shiloh is Shiloh. Please let’s move on.

  32. nes

    Man get over it short or long hair who cares

  33. Anonymous


  34. Anonymous

    I agree witht the above.. It’s sick to make her look like a boy. Poor kid. I bet angie wants her to become gay. She’d not only have kids of all races but of all sexuality. SICK SICK…and to all who said that shiloh wanted this is untrue…look at the very first pic she was introduced as a newborn to the world in a weird boyish shirt with skulls etc. how can u expect her to grow up normal?>?? or was that her choice as well??

    • Anonymous

      Just because Shiloh dresses like a “boy” doesn’t mean that she will turn out to be gay. If that were the case, I should be straight, since I used to wear dresses, put bows in my hair, play with Barbie dolls, played with my mom’s lipstick and wanted to be a princess when I was 3 years old. But instead, I am a twenty year old openly bisexual women. I know plenty of girls, some of closest friends, who wanted to be like their fathers when they were young, but they are heterosexual. You’re disgusting for making comments about a 3 year old kid who probably just wants to dress in what she likes at the moment. Maybe you’re the one with issues about your sexuality that you’re projecting onto this 3 year old that you don’t even know.

      Also, what is wrong with having a family of different races? Love knows no boundaries especially the love of a parent for their child.

  35. Anonymous

    Sure she looks like John Voight now, but I think she is just a normal well adjusted 4 year old. Let her be. Now Suri Cruise…. she may not end up so well adjusted and she dresses like a 22 year old.

    • Ange

      @Anonymous May 11, 2010@ 11:24 pm; For your information Suri is a very beautiful well dressed little girl, who has very loving parents. Angelina Jolie dresses her daughter Shiloh like a little man; soon and very soon, you will see Shiloh wearing a suit and tie. And, then when she gets older the announcement will be made, when Shiloh would want a sex change. Shiloh is being turned into a miniature man and Brad has no say in raising his own children…

  36. Ange

    I really wish she would dress her daughter gender appropriately. The little girl will begin to think she is a boy soon. I wouldn’t mind having the state investigate Angelina and her odd behavior choice to dress Shiloh.

  37. Forsure

    This little girl, if what we are told is true and it is completely her doing, will be gay or will even have a sex change operation when she gets older. If it’s in you, it’s in you – no matter how old you are

  38. peteyboy

    People get a life.This is a little girl who likes wearing boys clothing that girls and women have been wearing for years so what.

  39. Oh please!!

    I think everyone who says this is “just fine” and just a child “expressing themselves” are all a bunch of hypocrites. I’d be willing to bet money that there is no.possible.way that if this situation were reversed, i.e. letting a boy dress like a girl, in pink, flowers, butterflies, or dresses, bikinis, heels, etc, that everyone would say it was “just fine” or just a child “expressing themselves.” There is SUCH a double standard here people, give me a break!!

  40. shannon

    when my eldest daughter was younger she would only wear her brothers clothes, had her hair cut short and told everyone her name was spencer. that went on til she was about 12 at which point she outgrew it and went back to being a girly-girl. she is now 19, in college on full athletic scholarship, works, and has a wonderful boyfriend. my perfectly normal son has hair 1/2 down his back and looks awesome with it. clearly there is nothing wrong in this child making her own clothing decisions and i find this story and the comments supporting this nonsense just appalling. and if my son wanted to wear a dress when he was a kid, that would’ve just fine also. they’re kids, they go through phases. it’s normal and good parenting to allow their own expressions of their personalities. and if they grow up to be homosexuals, what’s wrong with that?! bigoted, hypocrite haters are frighteningly prevalent here….it’s a shameful state of affairs.

  41. skyler

    its crazy that people dont have a life of there on until they worry about other people all the we not remmber what the press did to princess diana? let this family live and be happy shes only 3 leave her alone.

  42. sharina

    Seriously, if anyone thinks this is abnormal for a little girl, they are idiots. You can blame Brad and Angie all you want, but, that’s pure BS! It’s called picking your battles. My niece, at the age of 2 was a hellraiser, whether it was girls or boys clothes, she wore what she wanted. She had 5 older boy cousins and then ended up with a younger brother and 4 younger boy cousins. She’s now a gorgeous 20yr old women and very confident in her own skin.
    On the issue of the short hair, my younger sister, decided to take a pair of scissors, to her adorable, blond, curly hair, the day befoire my aunts wedding. My mother had to rush out the next morning to have it “fixed”, itr was later chopped off. Much to are dismay! (by the way, one of my nephews, regularly put on dresses and berrettes in his hair, guess what he’s not gay.)

  43. Anonymous

    I think those who are taking the position that somehow letting a little girl dress like a boy is “confusing” to her are missing the substantial research piece here — this is a pretty well-researched aspect of child development and there has never been a correlation between dress/self-expression and their eventual adult sexuality — at least among little girls. With boys, there might be some correlation, but I’ve read that some 60% of women at some point considered themselves a tomboy. It is all self-expression at that age, and we’re imposing our own adult ideas of gender on kids. Plus, there are plenty of heterosexual women who do not like to wear make-up or dresses, and that’s fine.

  44. Shannon

    I have a three year old. For a whole year he would wear nothing but Striped Shirts!! If it didn’t have any stripes, he was NOT going to wear it!! Now, a year and a half later, it doesn’t phase him on what I put on his back, NOW he won’t wear sandals! Kids that age know what they want 🙂 Nothing is going to change that! We just have to wait and see what happens, if anything w/ Shiloh. I think she’s too cute! And her sister looks just like her at that age.

  45. Deena

    The kid clearly wants to be a boy. Who knows why? Maybe it’s because she FEELS like she’s a boy, maybe because she relates to her brothers, maybe it’s because she wanted to find a way to stand out among all the other kids. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it as a parent to the kid, but I WOULD get an expert of some kind to come to dinner or in some way integrate into the family to assess the situation and offer their professional opinion without the kid knowing she’s being checked out. As a parent, I would just like to have a professional’s opinion on why my girl had absolutely no interest in anything traditionally associated with being a girl. Ultimately, it will be the kid’s choice of how she wants to live her life, but at this point, as a parent, I’d at least want to have some professional insight into what’s going on in her mind.

  46. leslie

    Angelina is such a weirdo……she made out w/her own brother for crying out loud! It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she were manipulating this whole situation. Brad was always the one w/Shiloh in pictures, especially when she was a baby…Angelina has been way more into her adopted children, especially Maddox. It’s like she’s was so afraid Shiloh would be favored b/c she’s their first biological child that’s she’s gone way overboard on the others.

    I do agree that being transgender is a predisposition but I seriously doubt it would be as intense as Angelina portrays it….she’s been talking this crud since Shiloh was 2….Even the “pregnant man” has agreed that kids typically don’t start acting out on this until they are in the later years of grade school. If Shiloh were acting like that then, it would be be believable but now is nothing but extreme manipulation by her wacky mother.

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  48. Anonymous

    Everyone on here that’s trying to act like oh it’s ok it’s just a phase oh she looks so cute, that’s bull and you know it she is to damn young to want to look like a boy. I do have kids and if my daughter said she wanted to be called Bobby and wanted to dress like a boy i would not allow it 3 years old is way to young to let a kid decide want they want to look like Shilo’s parents need to stop adopting and having all those kids because there is so many around Shilo that it is making her lose her damn mind.

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