Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is On Thin Ice

The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a new hosting gig on ABC’s figure skating reality show Thin Ice.

Though she is the first to admit she’s not exactly a pro herself at the sport, she says her new job has earned her “hero status” in the eyes of her 4-year-old daughter Grace.

“[Grace] really has me at hero status right now,” Elisabeth tells People. “Every time we go skating she tells me to practice. She thinks I’m in the competition so hopefully she won’t be disappointed that I’ll be in heels [and] not ice skates.”

Like many of us, Elisabeth and her family were glued to the TV during the recent Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

“[My family] was devoted to the Olympics,” she admits. “Every day my daughter would come home and ask for the figure skaters. She is a loyalist.”

One of the event’s most memorable moments came when Canadian skater Joannie Rochette accepted a bronze medal just days after the unexpected death of her mother. Elisabeth reveals that the Olympian will be on the March 19th episode of Thin Ice, performing a tribute to her late mom.

It’s an episode that the show’s host, who is also mom to boys Taylor, 2, and Isaiah, 7 months, is particularly looking forward to.

“To capture that moment and have another dedication to her mom is truly a gift,” she says.

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  • rachel s

    Arggg! I cannot stand her on The View. I love to watch figure skating, but I don’t know if hearing her is worth watching the new show. BTW, I love when Kristen Wigg does her parody of Elisabeth on SNL, it’s so right on!

  • Anonymous

    I hate her. Stupid republican bitch!

  • cat

    I love her. She is right on with everything. She is very well educated and knows whats going on in the world. Sadly, I can’t say that about most people…

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