Angelina Jolie & Shiloh’s Sunday Smiles

What a cutie! Angelina Jolie was spotted taking her smiley 3 1/2-year-old daughter Shiloh to a children’s party in Venice, Italy on Sunday (March 7). The adorable mother-daughter duo were joined by papa Brad Pitt and siblings Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, and Zahara, 5.

We just spotted Brad and Angie out with Maddox and Pax sightseeing in the beautiful city of canals.

The high profile family – also including 1-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – are currently living in Venice as Angelina films The Tourist, costarring Johnny Depp.

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  1. Desiree

    Oh wow, Shiloh is just so beautiful!

  2. SarahEl

    What a sweet picture of her laughing!

  3. Alyson

    Aww…looks like both Shiloh and Pax have a missing teeth! Wonder how much the tooth fairy leaves them. haha

  4. Kirsten

    She is such a cute girl. their whole family is beautiful. It looks like she inherited both of her parents bright smiles. Their smiles are full of joy.

  5. Anonymous

    she looks like a boy now!

  6. Sophia

    Shiloh seems to be such a sweet and happy little girl. This photo is so gorgeous 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Ohhhh, she is so sweeeeet! Shiloh looks so much like Angie when she laughs.

  8. Janelle

    She is such a happy little girl. I like her pixie cut. I like Ms. Zee’s hair puffs also. You can see her pretty features. I agree with Kirsten. Angie and Brad have passed their joyous smile to their daughter.

  9. Anonymous

    Her hair is growing back. Funny how everyone made such a big deal. She is too cute for words.

  10. Anonymous

    I think shiloh is a boy born in a girls body, she’s wearing boy underwear in other pics of this set.

    • Danielle

      How on earth can you see her underwear and why would you want to or care? Anyway no one sees it, my friends youngest, a boy, wore his sisters knickers a few times cos he ran of his ‘boys’ undies. At this age the undies are all the same, perhaps she likes spiderman on hers haha.

    • Anonymous

      I had a few pair and wore He-Man, Transformer, and Voltron underwear when I was little. Not b/c I wanted to be boy, but b/c I liked those cartoons.

  11. Liron

    She is so adorable!! Like all her siblings 🙂 And it’s kind of striking how she looks like Brad Pitt in the second pic.

  12. Anonymous

    You cant say she’s all Brad and you can’t see she’s all Angelina. PERFECT mix!

  13. Kati

    Who still says that A)we NEVER see Shiloh smiling and B) Angie doesn´t love Shi? I love Shi´s beautiful smile. When you look at that pic closer she´s all Brad when she smiles. She is a beautiful little girl. And my heart really melts when I see Angie holding Shi in her arms. She´s as much mum´s little girl as she´s dad´s little girl. I love her pixie haircut. And also Princess Zee´s hair puffs are absolutely adorable. The whole family sure had a blast at that children´s party. Also the older boys Mad and Pax look just adorable. They both have grown a lot and are almost as tall now. Hope to see the twins out with their parents this week too! They are way too adorable!

  14. nicoleC

    She’s pretty
    what a pity that her new hair cut make her looks a little bit worse…….

    • Andrew

      You have some serious issues. She is 3 years old and childrens hair should always get cut so it grows better. But maybe you don’t understand because you are just a person full of problems that enjoys writing snarky comments.

  15. Eheath

    Gosh shes a gorgous little girl! shes really like Brad! and its doesnt matter how they dress her or do her hair at least shes a happy child!

  16. Cari

    This is really just a curiosity issue. Why is a 3 1/2 year old missing a tooth already?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she broke it? There are a lot of reasons for young children to miss a tooth. When my younger brother was 4 years old all his front teeth had to be pulled out because of caries.

      • Anonymous


  17. Danielle

    Aww she’s so pretty, a perfect mix of both I think. I don’t like the haircut, not because ‘it makes her look like a boy’ but I just think it’s a bad cut. I do wonder now if one of her siblings had a go at it and they have done the best to repair the damage so to speak.

  18. Anonymous

    I think it is rather SICK someone is judging a 3 years olds underwear.The scrutiny of Shiloh needs to stop.She is a happy beautiful child who is well loved.That is what matters NOT her hair or underwear.

    • stutter?

      I’m pretty sure that no one is JUDGING her for wearing boys underwear. there is another website that posted this whole set of pictures, and in the set there are pictures where she is being picked up and you can clearly see her underwear coming out of her pants A LOT in the back because of the way that she is being held. You are right on two things tho, the scrutiny of Shiloh SHOULD stop…but it’s not going to, it’s not what “society” considers normal so therefore its going to freak people out and people are going to talk about it, especially when thre were such weirdly high expectations of how she was supposed to look or supposed to be. and yes, she looks like a FAIRLY happy child and she is obviously loved by her parents very much, and that’s all that should matter….BUT IT DOESN”T, so get over it. you are on a celebrity GOSSIP website…the definition of gossip isn’t really “nice” so get over it and don’t read the comments if you don’t want to.

  19. Obser3

    Shiloh is more a mama’ s girl, Zee is a daddy”g girl. Adorabble girls.Mad id is cutie but Pax is the cutest of all

  20. Anonymous

    Shiloh looks like a boy! Terrible hair cut and boys clothing!

    • Anonymous Androgynous

      there’s nothing wrong with a bit of androgyny, its the person on the inside the counts, i’d hate to be your kid, if you had a androgynous child and you tried to make tem dress steriotypically and against the way they choose to dress then they’d end up hating you. I hate your boring, straight, closed mindedness.

  21. Peta

    As far as horrible haircut on girls go, I have seen far worse. Two words : Angel Murphy.

    At least Shiloh still has hair on her entire head.

  22. Anonymous

    Shiloh was probably bullied by one of the adopted kids to choose boy’s clothes, punched her tooth out and cut her hair. I would guess by the opposite behavior of Zahara choosing girlie nice clothes to wear and by her mean looks and being 3 years older than Shiloh, that this bully is Zahara. Brad and Angie should research the background and characters of Zahara’s parents because most of the time some characteristic traits, for example , meanness can be inherited from their parents, even if the child is provided with the right environment and rearing, the inherited trait still prevails in the child. Brad and Angie should protect Shiloh from whoever is bullying her; most of the time when the victim is too young, they cannot recognized that they are being bullied, until they are much older.

    • Lioness

      LMAO!!! Did anyone else read this post? Anonymous, you’re joking, right? Cuz this is pretty hilarious, lol. The imaginations on some people simply amaze me, I swear, LOL… thanks for the laugh…

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? First of all, you don’t even know the correct ages of these children, so why am I supposed to assume you know anything else? Zahara is only about 17 months older than Shiloh. And a child with the kind of smile that Shiloh is sporting in these photographs, is not a bullied child. She’s a happy and healthy child who enjoys her life and her family.

    • Peta

      And why, pray tell, would Zahara be the adopted child with the so-called ‘aggressive’ genes? And what ‘mean looks’? Is it because she’s not grinning her head off all the time?

      Shiloh has a short hair cut and wears what most would consider boys clothes. She also has a missing tooth. It happens. It’s not the end of the world.

  23. Anonymous

    Why it is a huge problem that she is acting and looking like an obvious boy??????
    She isn’t going to be gorgeous little messiah little girl dressed in dresses and long hair, but a BOY instead. Her baby sister Vivienne has her ear pierced and is wearing diamonds, Shiloh isn’t. Hence the huge difference!!!!! You all need to get over yourselves, and face reality.

  24. stella

    Shiloh is a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile. She always look so happy. Brad and Angelina are doing a great job raising their kids healthy and happy. I am starting to love her pixie haircut. It looks cute on her and she pulls it off very well. Well, if you’re born with natural beauty like Shiloh, you’ll always be beautiful no matter what you’re wearing and how your hair is styled.

  25. Anonymous

    I think it’s time the owner of this site, started policing these comment boards. I come here to see beautiful kids, not read the venom from the jealous hateful hags still hating on Angelina Jolie 5 years running so much so that it’s extended to her baby daughter. It’s sick. The only other person that gets this much crap is the Twilight girl, and for the same reason Angelina does, because they are with men that we want, and so we punish them. Face it, some women are toxic, and eat their young — I pray for the children some of you have (and hope you have none), as they’ll be just like their mothers, useless mean hags wasting their lives on a message board attacking babies.

  26. Lioness

    Love that little lady’s smile, she is too cute… great pics!

  27. Don-B-Fool

    And because of all the love for the bio children….people hate on the adopt children…especially Zahara…..why? because she doesn’t act the way people wants…. when it comes to the bio children the comments are full, but when it comes to the adopted children you only see a few comments…..If you are a fan of the Jolie-Pitts then love all the children not just the bio ones.

    • Anonymous

      omg, I LOVE ZAHARA! i think she is so beautiful and so adorable…. when you see the pictures of her smiling andhaving fun and going about her day she looks like she has more personality and spunk and more FUN than anyone else in that whole family!!! i swear i see her smile more than anyone else, she truely seems to enjoy herself at times… i NEVER see Maddox smile or even Pax really. and Shiloh seems kind of shy and reserved because i only see her display any emotion or whatever in pictures where the paparazzi aren’t really around, like from a long lens or whatever. i can’t imagine for those kids what it must be like to have the photographers in your face all the time and following your family around, how weird you know? but nonetheless, zahara seems to have a good time and really, honestly enjoy the things that they do…and I LOVE IT! she’s adorable.

  28. Kati

    I am certain that one day Shiloh is gonna surprise all the haters by wearing this stunningly beautiful dress that brings out her feminine side. She is – unlike many say – still a GIRL who´s gonna be a beautiful young woman. I think that it´s time to put a stop to all this nonsense about her future sexual orientation. If she prefers to wear boyish clothes right now doesn´t mean that she gonna wear them for the rest of her life. That´s just a phase in her life. She´s not Chaz Bono for crying out loud! Brad and Angie are raising her and all their children to express themselves. I really love Shi´s pixie haircut. I´m sure that one of these days she´s gonna let grow long again.

    • Anonymous

      actually, i HIGHLY DOUBT that “one day Shiloh is gonna surprise all the haters by wearing this stunningly beautiful dress that brings out her feminine side.” as you would like to think…. does this look like a kid that wants to wear dresses??? no it does not. you guys crack me up, that sounds INSANE…like you are totally being nicey nicey about the boys clothes because you JUST KNOW that ONE DAY she’s gonna prove everyone wrong and be a beautiful little girl again in a dress. girls DO NOT have to wear dresses to be beautiful. i HATED wearing dresses when i was younger, i only wore one when i went to church or was forced to or something. i also, on the other hand, didn’t wear all boys clothing including only wearing boys underwear, which i think is a little strange. like i get it, they are trying to be supportive of who she wants to be and who cares what a little 3yr old girl wears, right? right. but she’s still a GIRL. i do kind of feel like maybe the Brangie don’t exactly know what to do here either, be supportive but to what extent, to the extent that your three year old is having serious gender confusion…i don’t know. i’m not there, i have no idea what’s going on. but when you see her wearing boys underwear …i dont know. i understand what the one poster said, that they had spiderman underwear when they wre a kid or whatever cuz that’s what cartoons they liked BUT, hear me out people,i saw the pics on another site and you can’t help but see the underwear because its hanging out of her clothes by about 3 1/2inches and i am familiar with the brand. Its called Claesen’s, i think it’s a dutch brand, and they make girls and boys underwear, and there are NO CARTOON FIGURES on the underwear. its either boys underwear or girls underwear in different colors and patterns. and you can find similar styles in boys and girls, so i’m not sure why they are buying her BOYS underwear….she’s NOT A BOY. and i think that’s reall;y kind of strange. sorry guys, i’m all for letting her wear what she wants or whatever, but i think this is crossing some weird line for me….i mean, they don’t let their boys walk around in girls underwear and they certainly wouldn’t buy their boys girls underwear to wear.

    • stutter?

      Maybe she is like Chaz Bono….. and so what if she is, are you going to have a problem with all of this then? Are you only supportive as long as you think it’s just a tomboy phase that she’s going through? Cuz let me tell ya….little boys that want to be called “Jessica” and go outside wearing girls sneakers and dress shoes and girls pink tshirts and stuff are usually considered to be gay. Especially if they are wearing little girls pink and purple underwear all the time. Now, if that little boy has parents that love him and support him in wearing whatever he wants, well great, but that little boy is going to face a lot of critisizm from his peers and friends and the rest of the world…. in my mind, i don’t really see a difference between a little boy that wants to do all that and a little girl who insists on being called “John” all the time, that will now only wear little boys clothes, including shoes and underwear, and has cut their own hair off to have short hair like her daddy and her brothers…. what is the difference, is the difference that this is pretty little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and everyone thought that she was the messiah child, the most beautiful and perfect child on earth and CLEARLY this MUST BE A PHASE because god forbid the messiah child can’t POSSIBLY BE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. oh lord, what would we do then if she did grow up and turn out like Chaz Bono…which, by the way, how exactly did Chaz Bono turn out to be…. if you mean an incredibly brave and self assured young woman, then yes,you’d be right.

    • Anonymous Androgynous

      Kati, you’re an idiot. Shiloh is not one day gonna surprise all the haters by wearing this stunningly beautiful dress that brings out her feminine side. You’re talking like there’s something wrong with the way she is right now, there is nothing wrong with the way she is not, and I very highly doubt this is a tomboy stage, I remember when I was a little tomboy like her, everyone always said it was just a phase and I would grow out of it, and I knew it was not a phase, and it made me very angry when people suggested it was, I’m now a 17 year old androgynous female. I see that she calls herself John this does not necessarily mean she’s in the wrong physical sex body (although it would be perfectly fine if she were to grow up to be a transsexual) I had a lot of gender confusion up untill like a year ago when i discovered androgyny and i found where i belonged on the ‘gender’ scale, I just hope she can be happy by finding something to identify as, even if it is just simply identifying as ‘Siloh’ (or whatever name she would like to be called). Whatever her sexuality turns out to be, I hope she is happy with it, and if she turns out to like the same sex then I hope she chooses to be out and proud about it, as her bisexual mother is. ‘I´m sure that one of these days she´s gonna let grow long again.’ naaa, trust me, not gonna happen mate.

  29. AgNi

    Shiloh is adorable. Jolie Pitt this is my fave family in Hollywood , so beauty i lovely

  30. Anonymous


    Maddox, 6, is constantly pushing Pax, 4, around in an attempt to show him who’s boss, says a source. “But Pax is no wimp, and he fights back.”

    Bu’s little Zahara, 3, ally rules the roost! “She screams and shouts at the boys when she doesn’t get her way,” says the source. Not even Shiloh, 22 months, is safe — and the toddler has the battle scars to prove it. “Z is always pushing or scratching her.”

    Zahara’ing on Shiloh is usually motivated by snacks. “Z once clawed Shiloh’s cheek after she tried to take her cookie,” says an insider who witnessed one incident. “She’s always pulling on Shiloh’s hair so she can steal her food.”
    And little Shiloh has more than her hair to worry about! Recently while Shiloh’s three older siblings roughhoused, she got knocked down and chipped a tooth! “Angie gets worried when Shi plays with them,” says the insider. “She always comes back with a scraped knee or a fat lip!”

    “If Zahara wants ice cream for breakfast, she’ll ge,” an insider told. And Cheetos, too, if photos of Zahara and her three siblings, each munching on their own bag of yummies, is any indication.

  31. Anonymous


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  33. Jay

    It is highly possible Shiloh suffers from being transgender. As a transman myself I remember behaving much the same as he/she does. Its a great thing that she/he belongs to the type of family that will not shun or shame her/him

  34. Anonymous

    I have another thought as to why Shiloh has her hair chopped off and wears boy’s clothing. It’s pretty obvious she’s the prettiest of the children and will grow up to be possibly more beautiful than Angelina. Could Angelina already have a streak of jealousy at the thought of having a daughter more beautiful than she-especially as she starts to age? I have heard of mothers who are very competitive with their daughters. By encouraging her to look like a boy, she won’t have to worry about that.

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