Kelly Rutherford & Matthew Settle’s Off-Screen Bond

After a trying year, Gossip Girl co-stars Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle have found support in one another as they both try to focus on their kids after the break-up of their marriages.

“He’s going through his own thing, I’m going through my own thing – we kind of just support each other,” Kelly said at this week’s New York premiere of the Discovery Channel’s film, Life. “We both have small children that we really love, so we both just talk about them the whole time.”

While Kelly and her ex-husband Daniel Giersch split in late 2008, Matthew just recently confirmed the break-up of his own marriage to Naama Nativ, with whom he has 1-year-old daughter Aven.

“Matthew was saying his daughter, just took her first steps the other day, and he was kind of teary-eyed, it was just beautiful,” Kelly, who has kids Hermes, 3, and Helena, 8 months, reveals.

Asked if the pair, who play husband-and-wife on Gossip Girl, could find love off-screen as well, she says only, “[Dating] is not really my focus at the moment. If it happens, great, but I have the two most beautiful little ones, a great job, and it’s really all-consuming.”

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  • dea

    Ooh, I can see romance in the future with these 2. I have to admit they make a handsome couple plus it’s great they have small kids they can relate.

  • Sophia

    Their characters have a past, maybe they have a future… 😉

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