Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Sweet Sunday

Such a sweet family! Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were spotted with their adorable 1 1/2-year-old daughter Sunday arriving in Sydney, Australia on Sunday (March 7). The family were all smiles as they touched down in their native Aussie.

Although Nicole’s film Nine is nominated for four Academy Awards tonight, the 42-year-old mother of three opted for a trip Down Under.

Nicole is also mom to teenagers Isabella, 17, and Connor, 15, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. scarlett

    Awww Sunday is so pretty! I love the photos of her smiling. She really looks like both her parents.

  2. morgane

    She’s so tall!

    She’s starting to look alike nicole.

  3. Sophia

    What a little sweetie 🙂

  4. nicoleC

    she’s start looks like nicole!
    she’s more pretty right now

  5. Anonymous

    OMG, Sunday is so adorably cute and delicious! I want to eat her up!

  6. Anonymous

    I hope Sunday’s grandmother has a very happy 70th birthday.

    What a lovely family. That sweet little thing is going to be tall like her momma.

  7. Anonymous

    woa, this is the first time i see a lot og nicole in sunday. i think she’s just getting cuter.

  8. Anonymous

    Sunday is prettier and cuter!
    Very loverly!
    I think she looks like nic now!

  9. Anonymous

    Keith got some strong genes. That baby is his spitting image.

  10. meee

    Beautiful family!Love you Keith!

  11. Anne

    Sunday looks like a doll. She’s very pretty just like her mommy.

  12. Claudi

    Aw, soo sweet. Sunny is soo cute and she has Nic’s legs. She is soo adroble and stunning. She is simply the cuttest Baby. I hope she has a lot fun at her grandparents.
    Nicole looks soo happy with both. And her jacket. Aw, she has sooo much stil.
    Nic pls. come to germany and make the movie “The Danish Girl” here. I can’t wait of you.^^ (:

  13. Anonymous

    Sunday is such a cutie pie!! She’s very pretty 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Sunday look exactly like her mum Nicole Kidman. So pretty future best actress too.

  15. priscila

    Que família linda! Domingo é adorável.

  16. Anonymous

    That divorce from that idiot Tom was the best thing that happen to Nicole. Nicole was blessed to marry and wonderful man and have a beautiful little girl. Their happyness is all over their faces.

  17. Don-B-Fool

    People keep saying divorcing Tom was the best thing for Nicole…well you could say it’s the best thing for Tom too….Nicole and Keith fans always want to make
    Tom the bad guy because of his religion. Hate Tom for himself not what the media wants you to see….Have a mind of your own.

  18. Anonymous

    Welcome Home Keith, Nicole and little Sunday.
    God Bless them, they are such a lovely family.
    Happy 70th Birthday to Nicole’s mother Janelle Kidman.
    Australia loves you.

  19. kati

    What a beautiful family! What a little cutie pie Sunday has become. She´s starting to look more and more like her mum Nicole. Love to see her smile. She is one of those Hollywood next generation beauties who´s gonna break ma´ny hearts. Nicole and Keith sure are very proud of their little girl. Just wonder if she meets her brother Connor and sister Isabella as often as Suri Cruise does? I really hope so. Connor and Isabella are two lucky teenagers to have two such beautiful little sisters as Suri and Sunday.

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