MyPacifier: Personalized Pacifiers

Yes, the personalized touch has hit pacifiers. Switched pacifiers are now a thing of the past. Thanks to MyPacifiers, baby can have its very own pacifier personalized with his or her name. Available in a multitude of colors and styles, MyPacifiers are a fashion statement among babies and toddlers everywhere.

The MyPacifier personalized pacifier story started when a young mother in Denmark experienced the pacifier swap problem. Pia Callesen, the creator of MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers, says, “When I went to day care to pick up my son Frederik, more often than not I found that his pacifier had disappeared and Frederik had another child’s pacifier in his mouth. I began searching for a pacifier product with a name on it, but I got the same answer in all the shops, ‘buy a permanent marker pen and write his name on the pacifier.’ I thought it should be possible for all parents to buy a quality pacifier with their child’s name engraved on it. Apart from looking good, it could then also survive repeated sterilization.”

No more worries about spreading germs via switched pacifiers. Available in either silicone or latex, MyPacifiers have room for up to two lines of text. Aside from baby names, some of our favorite pacifier quotes were “Mommy Rocks”, “Mute Button” and “Sassy Pants”.

Which stylish tot has been seen with a MyPacifier? Harlow Winter Madden, Hank Baskett, Bailey Baio, Dannielynn Birkhead, are among the pacifier trendsetters who have been spotted with a personalized MyPacifier.

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