Happy 6th Birthday Sam J. Sheen!

Name: Sam J. Sheen

Date of Birth: March 9, 2004

Parents: Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen

Siblings: Lola Rose (06/05), half-sister Cassandra Jade Estevez (12/84) and half-brothers, twins Bob & Max (03/09)

– Denise had originally planned to deliver Sam via c-section on March 10, ten days before her March 20 due date to coincide with then-husband Charlie Sheen’s filming hiatus, saying “It was convenient. We like to plan things.” Sam had different plans however, and arrived on the 9th in Los Angeles.
– The name Sam was chosen after dad Charlie’s former cat: “Charlie really wanted Sam (as a name for our daughter) and I dreamed of one day naming a girl Sophia – something feminine – or Emma. She’s named after the cat. We don’t have the cat anymore, though.”

“Sami starts kindergarten, which I cannot believe, in a couple of weeks. I’m so sad about it. I can’t believe how fast five years have gone. I’m very proud of her and very happy, but from here on out she’s in school.” – Denise, on her daughter heading to school.

“I think it was a good thing to teach my kids because they saw that I was nervous. Sammy, my oldest daughter, saw me on Good Morning America and when I came back from New York, she said, ‘Are you nervous to do Dancing With The Stars?’ And I told her I was and she said, ‘Then why are you doing it?’ I thought it was such a great lesson to teach my kids, that just because I’m nervous doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do something.” – Denise, on teaching a valuable lesson to her daughters.

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  1. Romeo Blue

    Why, at 6 years old, is she just starting kindergarten? Also, since when does the school year begin in March? Yeah, she does look like her father unfortunately. Hopefully, she’ll change.

  2. . Sophie .

    I think she’s adorable. She’s a cutie, and her dress and tiara are very pretty.

  3. Anonymous

    Based on the quote, I think Sam started last fall and 5/6 is the normal age to start kdg.


    6 is not the “normal age” to start kindergarten. Age 5 starts kindergarten and age 6 starts first grade, at least in this country.

  5. Anonymous

    Denise made that quote in September when Sam was 5 and was starting her first day of kindergarten. On another note if Denise wanted to name her daughter Sophia or Emma why didn’t they compromise instead of naming her daughter after a dead cat? That’s why I already have my daughter’s name picked out and no husband/boyfriend gets a say in that, especially if it’s to name her after a dead cat.

  6. Juliee

    Sam is mini Denise. So sweet and pretty girl

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