Kelly Ripa Shows Off Her New Tattoo

Mom-of-three Kelly Ripa showed off her new ink during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. When Dave pointed out the word scrawled across Kelly’s wrist, she proudly revealed, “My new tattoo! It says ‘Consuelos,’ it’s my last name.”

Kelly says that she got the tattoo, in honor of her handsome husband of 13 years Mark Consuelos, just a week ago. She admits, though, that Mark’s reaction wasn’t quite what she was hoping for.

“So I came home and [waving her newly inked wrist around] said, ‘I have a surprise for you… do you notice anything different?’ And he said, ‘You got your haircut.’ ‘No, I did not get my haircut. Anything else?’ ‘You got… Botox?’ ‘Nooo. Anything else?’ He named about 17 different things: You got your teeth laser whitened…. I said, ‘I got a tattoo. With your name on it.’ And he goes, ‘Oh honey, that’s permanent.”

The longtime lovebirds, who have kids Michael, 12, Lola, 8, and Joaquin, 7, met on the set of All My Children.

Do you have – or would you get – a tattoo in honor of your partner?

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  1. Shelly

    Mark’s reaction is priceless! LOL I love this couple. I would never have the name of my spouse inked on my body; my kids’ names – in a heartbeat, but not my husband. In the same token, I wouldn’t want my husband to have my name inked on him. Not that we’re planning a divorce but we certainly don’t have a crystal ball.

  2. Anonymous

    Kelly Ripa is obnoxious!

  3. melo1983

    I probably wouldn’t get his name but maybe last name on my ring finger because that symbolizes the kids, our family, and our marriage. I don’t have it, but have been considering it since I saw Tamra’s from Real Housewives and since I don’t have any ink lol.

    • Shelly

      Careful, Tamara and Simon just divorced after she got the ink. KIDDING!! But if you look really close at her finger in the last episode, there is no ring and no ink. I wonder if it was a ‘ploy’ if you will? I imagine a tattoo on a finger would be horribly painful.

  4. me2

    i think hers is tacky. why would she get his last name? i would get my kids names or my husbands name, but never our last name.

    • Anonymous

      OMG it is a tat, what ‘s the big deal. BTW the last name she put on her arm IS her kids last name also…. She goes by Ripa for her career, why not put your huband’s and your kids last name on your wrist. It’s like she got a skull and cross bone.

  5. Opal

    I have a tatt on the back of my neck that is a capital A – my husband’s initial – with an O – my initial – inside the A. I have also considered having his name around my ring finger.

  6. Diann

    I agree with Shelly. Nothing is a guarantee! I might get something that symbolizes him but not his name and like she said too I wouldn’t want him to have mine either! I didn’t take his last name until two years after we were married anyways and then I hyphenated it.

  7. rachel s

    wrist tattoos are the new tramp stamps. you can’t hide a wrist tattoo though.

  8. Sonya

    This is actually her own last name, since her full name is Kelly Ripa-Consuelos.
    And, Lol at Mark’s reaction:-)

  9. catvomit

    i think all her tattoos are trashy

  10. melo1983

    For those of you who say “nothing is a guarantee” not everyone has the same marriage/relationship!

  11. Suzy

    I am sorry but my eyes went directly to her thumb finger! it looks weird!!

  12. Anusnymous

    i wouldtatoo my wifes name in some private part where she would be the only one to se, and also do it in a way that I could do something over it if she leaves me,

  13. Anonymous

    You could avoid getting an actual name and choose to get something to symbolize the relationship, sure, but in my opinion, if the relationship ends, that symbol might as well be a name. Who cares what any of us think. I’ve got my husbands name tattooed on me and people are always giving me crap, but I don’t care, it’s my tattoo.

    • me2

      women who are afraid to get their husbands name tattooed on them are very insecure in their marriages.
      wouldn’t it be nice if all these people were so cautious with getting married in the first place? we’d have a lot less divorces.

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  15. sabrosa


  16. Morin

    Well it’s also the last name of her kids. I would do names for my babies or a relative I loved. Even friend if the bond is tight. Manyquality research papers online describes is the name of her BF but I never agree that she is wise women so she never tattoos a man though, no. I think it never happened.

  17. Anonymous

    Her tattoo shows that she still miss her husband. memory foam mattress

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