Guess Who Revealed: Bria Murphy


The stunning daughter of Eddie Murphy, Bria, 20, and her model mom, Nicole Mitchell, lunched together at The Urthe Cafe in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (March 9).

Eddie and ex-wife Nicole are also parents to daughters Shayne, 15, Zola, 10, Bella, 8, and son, Myles, 17. Eddie also fathered two sons from two previous relationships: Eric, 20, and Christian, 19. After a highly-publicized paternity case, it was revealed that Eddie is the father of Melanie Brown’s daughter Angel Iris Murphy, who turns 3 next month.

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  • Anonymous

    Eddie Murphy’s daughter?

  • Marisa

    Zoe Kravitz

    • Marisa

      Disregard my answer Zoe is 21 not 20. opps lol

  • Alley

    Yes, it’s Eddie Murphy’s daughter, Bria Murphy

  • melo1983

    One of Eddy Murphy’s 4,000,000,000 kids

    • carolyn

      Lol! 😉

      No guess, but she’s a beautiful girl!

  • Moriah

    Agreed. That’s definitely Bria Murphy.

  • Cabos

    Yeah you can tell it’s a Murphy girl. Eddie’s that is.

  • Anonymous

    She looks marvelous. I see Eddie Murphy in her eyes. Think she’s his daughter too. But I didn’t know he has grown child!

  • Lilly

    Yes, she’s Eddie Murphy’s daughter

  • Peta

    Bria Murphy!

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