Julianne Moore Dishes On Her Family Life

The life of Julianne Moore has changed drastically in the twenty-seven years since she first stepped onto a film set. The down-to-earth actress began her career on As The World Turns and is now a multiple Academy Award-nominated industry professional. Moore, who will celebrate her 50th birthday in December, sat down with Blackbook to discuss her career and her family life with husband, filmmaker Bart Freundlich and their two children, Caleb, 12, and Liv, 7. The Magnolia actress touches on her views on the worldwide fascination with celebrity, the paparazzi presence in her life, and gives us a little glimpse into the modest family life she has in her West Village brownstone in New York.

On the paparazzi presence in her life: “Not often is it a real intrusion. But it’s a pain. She [Liv] fell down and I had to pick her up. I was holding her, and all the while this guy kept taking pictures. That’s when I said, Come on, that’s enough!”

On celebrity culture: “Sometimes I see other moms reading tabloids and I always tell them how dangerous they are for young people. Don’t waste your time investing in the story of some pretty blonde who just got extensions and broke up with her boyfriend. Spend that time thinking about your own girlfriend who just got extensions and broke up with you. Keep it in your own life.”

On her children knowing about her career: “Our parents are our parents, so that’s my connection to my children. My kids have some knowledge about my work, but they’ve never seen any of my movies, not even Jurassic Park. It’s not like I say, Gather around, everyone! It’s time to watch one of mommy’s movies!”

On her “normal” life: “I really don’t like doing talk shows. They make me very, very nervous. People aren’t just chatting on those shows. You get on the phone beforehand with the person who’s producing that segment and you have a conversation, where they probe you about what’s going on in your life. But if I were being honest I’d say, well, nothing. I picked up my kids from school. Then we went to the orthopedist and the dentist.”

Moore is not only loved by audiences, but also by fellow actors. Meryl Streep once said that Moore, who is currently starring in Tom Ford’s film, A Single Man, is a “fearless actress, with a wild redhead bravado that’s countered by her delicacy and great beauty.” The actress, who revels in such simple parenting accomplishments as one of her children making their own bed, is starring in the upcoming flick Chloe, with fellow parent, Liam Neeson.

Photo: Bauer Griffin

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  • CelineDionFanForever

    I think the time she is refering to when Liv fell down was quite a few years ago, when she was picking both kids up from the bus and had the family dog Cherry with them and another dog and Cherry got in a fight and Liv got caught in the middle and knocked down. In the photo’s you can see Liv fall and then she’s crying her eyes out and Julie was trying to comfort her.

  • Shirilicious

    I remember that photo too.
    MAy she won day win an Oscar, she deserves it.

  • CelineDionFanForever

    Unless there are other photo’s of Liv falling down that haven’t been published anywhere, that’s the only ones I can think of and I’ve been looking at pics of Liv since she was a baby, less than a year old I remember the announcement that Julie had her and her name was Liv Helen 🙂

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