Mama Wants Her Body Back: Post Pregnancy Workout

After pregnancy, many of us have a hard time looking in the mirror and worry that our body will never get back to the way it was (without spending countless hours working out that we don’t have). You can stop worrying because Mama Wants Her Body Back introduces us to quick 20 minute workouts designed for all fitness levels and targets specific body areas affected by pregnancy.

Developed by fitness expert Lisa Druxman, the Mama Wants DVD contains three 20-minute total body workouts combining short intervals of cardio, strength, and core. These quick workouts are perfect for busy moms. You can quick sneak in a workout first thing in the morning, while kids are napping or any time that works with your schedule. Each order also comes with a Mama Wants Her Abs Back DVD, featuring 3 10-minute ab workouts. So you can say goodbye to the pregnancy pooch!

Creator Lisa Druxman is passionate about getting moms back into shape. She’s also the founder of Stroller Strides, a workout program for moms while pushing the buggy.

Exclusive CBS Offer: Receive a FREE Mama Wants Her Body Back Advanced DVD with purchase of the original dvd via this link.

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  • Ivie Claudio

    This is an awesome program… Every mom should do it!!!!

    • Anonymous

      This is a SCAM….stay away…..offers sounds good, but be beware.. I was on the phone for 3 hours (some times number won’t go through, other times hung up on) I was polite but insitant that I wanted to cut my losses and cancel. So…if that truely happens and I do not get any more bills I will be happy that they at least followed through with that aspect, but not sure I believe them…time will tell, I just finished my phone call.–FINALLY. Of course their customer call center is extremely busy, no wonder people are wanting their money back…or wanting to get out of a bad situation. Really…stay away- I can’t stress that enought, there must be a more ligitatmate way to get in shape.

  • Maggie Grayson

    This program will get you your pre-pregnancy body back and even more! You will feel inspired, healthy, and fit! And a happy mommy = happy family! 🙂

  • Farel Hruska

    You WILL get your body back…or even better! The workouts are specific to moms of any age and they target exactly where we need help! Don’t miss this one, these videos are amazing!

  • Shelley

    Great program. Everytime I use it it kicks my butt!

  • Jennifer Myers

    It IS possible to get those 6-pack abs after having baby…with the help of this program!

  • Glynis Nelson

    This program is AMAZING! It is a definite must-have for moms!

  • beth

    This is an AWESOME program- it is totally do-able in ‘mom’ time- no matter how busy we are, you can almost always find 20 minutes and TOTALLY kicks your butt. What I like best about it is that b/c of the modifications offered you can do it right after your baby is born & it will remain challenging for months after.

  • Brandi Dockett

    So excited to try this progam…Lord knows, Mama needs this body back!

  • Summer Hixon

    Lisa Druxman is amazing! She knows women and what we need to change our bodies. She helped me get my body back. I look better now than before kids!

  • Anonymous

    WHAT A SCAM! You buy the first video and they keep sending them. You will be charged another $46.97 DO NOT BUY THIS!

  • Anonymous

    Im sooo ready to lose weight, Im just wondering how long will it take to see results? With working out 3x a week and eating right when should I expect results?

  • Alma

    It is so obvious that the first 7 comments are posted by people who work for this program. Marketing all the way!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was NOT satisfied with this product. I have canceled it several times and they continue to bill me. The current total is $74.87 for a $9.99 video. I never gave them approval to bill my credit card for ANYTHING else. When I call customer service they are rude and will not listen. They interupt and continue to tell me that if I return the product I will receive a credit for $46. What about the other $27 they owe me?

  • Anonymous

    This is a scam. ANy positive review is a person that works for them. Since I read that it was a scam but I still wanted to try the video, I sent them a money order for the $21.00 which is the video plus shipping and handling. And you know what they did? The RETURNED THE MONEY, and wouldnt send me the video with a CREDIT CARD NUMBER…. Please call your better business bureau and report these people if they are stealing from you. Its digusting. Stealing from people that just want to be fit and healthy.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t work for the company but I love this program!! I don’t know about everyone who had problems. But I love it. It’s just like any other exercise program, you have to keep with it. I had no problems with money. I only paid once. It was about $30 for all the workouts, the booklets and the resistance band. It is challenging but easily modified for every level. I absolutely recommend it!

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  • Anonymous

    WHAT A SCAM! You buy the first video and they keep sending them. You will be charged another $46.97 DO NOT BUY THIS!

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, I was really attracted by the title. Will take a look into this. Hope it isn’t a scam. Will have to look at the fine print.

    inducing labor at home

  • Anonymous

    If you read the what is on the website it tells you that every other month they will send you a fresh new workout at a certain price plus shipping and handling. It is not a scam if they tell you what they are going to do, and you agree. The people complaining about it being a scam need to learn how to open their eyes, and look into things they are doing instead of blindly buying.

  • Anonymous

    this company is a joke! they continue to charge me over and over even though i have cancelled the order months ago. every single time i call customer service they read off a que card and don’t listen to what you are really saying to them. It is rediculous. One time I asked to speak with someone who could speak better english, he told me his english is fine and there is no one else there to talk to me. When I asked to talk to someone in charge, he stated that he is busy and I’d have to wait 20 minutes-what the heck kind of service is this. I do like the DVD’s, but once I found out it cost me 47.95 per DVD- I was shocked! – They aren’t that good!

  • Anonymous

    this is a scam..9.99 what crust….do not give these people your credit card number!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just have to ask, has anyone thought about using a prepiad credit card to purchase the dvd’s? That way you only get the one shipment and further charges can’t be applied..

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your suggestion-that is what I did. Reading these comments made me wary of ordering this program. Purchased a prepaid credit for just enough to order the program (did not see anything during the ordering process about them sending additional DVDs). Took almost a month, but I received my order. Another month later, I received a card asking me to call them about a problem with my order-I didn’t call. I’m pretty please with the workout DVDs though.

  • Anonymous

    I like this exercise video it woks well you can really feel it when your done . But they are right about the money if you are interested after you get your first video call 1800-280-5574 can cancel all future videos they will give you a cancelation number keep it if any thing ever reoccurs you have it to prove your self. but I do like the videos and the work out works for me.

  • Anonymous

    This is a SCAM! They steal your money. This company stole over $200 from my checking account. I got the run around when I called. I asked to speak to a manager and was not allowed. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This product may work but be careful when signing up because you’re actually signing up for a monthly subscription. -James, Regina movers

  • Anonymous

    I think people need to read the fine print when buying things from internet. This is a great exercise video for moms, challenging but fun. But it is a monthly subscription that you can call and cancel anytime… Make sure you make an informed decision before you buy anythign online people… This is not a scam, they are just trying to sell their product. I had no problems canceling mine.

  • Faitlyfluofit

    Hi, just joined the forum and looking forward to learning, looks like a excellent place!

    brtghbgf!! xx

  • joon

    Thanks very much for this. I’m always amazed how much of a difference it makes to have photos included with a post. I guess we’re all visual creatures

  • Rena

    I just bought this product after watching the infomercial. Kinda wish I would have found this site before I ordered it (which is unusual for me – I always research products BEFORE I buy them). I am hopeful that the product will produce the results I soooo desperately need, being an overweight mom, but I cannot afford to have my account continuously charged. I did realize when I ordered I had to agree to being a part of the “risk free preview program” which send out videos every month in order to get the kit for $9.99. Of course, you can cancel anytime by calling the customer service line at 1-800-280-5574, Mon-Fri, 7am to 5pm, Pacific. My plan is to cancel my subscription on Monday. If they give me any problems I’ll just notify my bank and cancel the card immediately!

  • Anonymous

    Trying it out! Hope it works I’m a little over weight

  • Mother of 4

    Just ordered this last night i will keep an eye open for any additional charges although over the phone they did offer the month subcription and i declined it all so we will see when i receive it.

  • Klasic

    It seemed like a good program until she stands there and states that you dont have to ever diet again but each satisfied client followed a diet and exercise program written in fine print and the kit also includes a diet and exercise dvd. I will save my money, watch what I eat and chase the kids.

    • Anonymous

      You clearly did not understand what this woman does for a living. Of course the kit includes an exercise DVD – she’s a physical trainer and this is what the program is about! As for “DIET”, the term is for the intake of foods. Diet does not just mean losing weight, the word also refers to what you eat. What they followed is not a diet/weight loss, but a diet/food list of healthy foods. If you have a grocery store, you have access to all foods listed in her “diet” plan. Never dieting again means never killing yourself with expensive diets/weight loss programs. You just eat the foods you should be eating anyway! I’m thrilled with the DVDs. She just teaches and motivates you to do what you should be doing anyway. If you’re looking for a fixed body without any effort, then this probably is not the route for you.

  • zoeNhailey

    My youngest is almost 2 years old. I have been wanting to lose weight, but just came up with every excuse under the sun to not do it. I joined a gym went three times and then it got too hot to walk there and then just never went. ( 110 degrees out for 60+ days) Anyways! I am willing to try this I have already ordered it. My problem is usualy the food. I cook simple things I never really had anyone to teach me to cook. I know how to make a damn good spread though! I am wondering with it being almost 2 years of being 205 ( should be 130-150) is it too late? Will this work for me?

  • Anonymous

    well I really and truly don’t work for them. Getting the $9.99 video was definately a hassle and annoying, kept trying to get me to buy more and more stuff so when I finally finished the order I was nervous they would charge me more. But I did get the dvd’s about a week later and I have to say I LOVE the workout. I have a 2 year old and a 9 month old and after 2 months I lost 12 pounds and saw a difference. The process getting should be changed. I’m still nervously waiting to see if I will randomly get more in the mail and get charged more but I do ABSOLUTELY LOVE the workout. So far only been charged the 9.99 plus shipping fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous

    I too received multiple dvd’s and charges to my account. I emailed them and asked them to cancel my “subscription”. They emailed me back and cancelled it right away. They replied within 4 hours.

  • infomercial misleading

    Beware of false advertising. To begin with you think that you are gettting everything that is seen on the infomercial for 9.99 + shipping and handling
    but it is 12.98 + shipping and handling if you want the dvd. I only received
    part of what they were showing which was a mama wants her body back (workout 1,2,3,) with a mama wants her abs back (workout 1,2,3,) on one disc,
    the band, the empowerment journal, and the program guide. I did not receive
    anything else that they advertised. The infomercial is not clear on them signing
    you up for additional dvd’s to come every 30 days or whatever it’s suppose to
    be. I’m very dissappointed and feel that they falsely advertised something that
    I didn’t receive. There will probably be a class action suit so everyone who has
    had trouble keep your eyes out for it. I don’t have a problem with the exercises
    and how talented the program is only that it is terribly misleading. When you
    order it is a recording also so beware that you will be getting a vhs tape for
    9.99 + sh&hand and not a dvd as advertised unless you pay 12.98 +sh&handling, and don’t expect the booty dvd for your free gift either……
    Makes me be warry….i’ll wait for things to be on ebay or craigslist from now on.
    It’s not worth the hassle.

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  • Anonymous

    I ordered my dvd’s about a month ago and still have not received them. I ordered them on a PRE-PAID card so they can’t take out anymore than what is on there…***which I recommend to anyone who ordered over the phone/off the internet. I just checked my tracker and it FINALLY said it should be here in about a week or something like that. After all this hassle and waiting, it better be worth it!!!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t order this once I noticed the print that said they were going to bill me every month after for another video. So I went on ebay and found it there!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    DO NOT BUY this product. They continue to bill you and send them for months after you cancel the order.

  • linda

    I am currently watching the mama wants her body back. But have you girls notice that they don’t even mention the two independent universities that did the studies. So is this true that one can get her body back.

  • tammi

    I had no problem canceling the program.

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