Mario Lopez Is Going To Be A Dad!

Update: It’s official, those adorable dimples will live on! “I’m really excited. I’m happy. I can’t wait to be a dad,” Mario Lopez tells People. As we reported earlier today, Lopez, 36, and his girlfriend, actress Courtney Mazza, 28, are expecting their first child. So is the Extra TV host ready for diaper duty? “Of course,” Lopez says. “I grew up in a large family. I’m fired up! I don’t know what we’re having. I’m going to wait to see [the baby’s gender] so it will be a surprise.”

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Saved By the Bell alum Mario Lopez, who now hosts Extra, is expecting his first child with girlfriend, Broadway dancer Courtney Laine Mazza, Star reports.

“Mario is over the moon with joy since finding out he’s having a baby,” a family friend says. “She’s approximately three months pregnant and is healthy and happy.”

The 36-year-old reportedly announced their happy news at a Super Bowl last month. “With a huge smile on his face and surrounded by friends and family, Mario announced he was having a baby and handed out pricey cigars. After the initial shock, everyone was thrilled by the news, giving Mario hugs and high-fives.”

Mario’s mom Elvira is said to be thrilled about the news. “She’s beaming and can’t stop talking about her new grandchild,” the family friend says. “She always wanted Mario to have children and keeps saying, ‘It’s about time. He isn’t getting any younger!’”

Mario — who was very briefly married to Ali Landry — isn’t likely to rush down the aisle with Courtney, whom he started dating in 2009 after he split with his Dancing with the Stars partner Karina Smirnoff. “Although the baby news has thrilled Mario, he isn’t making any marriage plans… yet.”

Mario’s grandfather Rafael Trasvina confirmed Mario’s baby news. “I am very excited that Mario and Courtney are having a baby. I don’t know if they are having a boy or a girl — we have to wait until the baby is born — but I am very happy for them.”

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  • Anonymous

    awww this is wonderful news!! but whats up with the rest of the SBTB cast??

  • jerjorju

    So, why can’t he get married? Do it for the baby. I am not saying that every couple that gets pregnant should have a baby. It just seems to me that if they are still together and happy why not get married?

    • Anonymous

      if Mario wasnt prepared to propose before the news of a baby then he shouldnt do it just b/c of a baby. What woman wants to know that they got married b/c a baby came? It should be b/c he wants to ask the question, not b/c he feels hes obligated to ask the question.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, I completely agree. Too many times I’ve seen marriages where the couple only got married because of being pregnant, end up in disaster with someone cheating on the other, and a messy divorce/scandal later on, resulting in an innocent child being hurt the most because of it. A child should grow up in a warm, loving home where the parents genuinely love each other and aren’t married to each other, simply because the girl got pregnant. Now I was raised devoutly Catholic, so if I were in this situation, my parents would make the guy marry me (although, I’m 22, so they can’t really MAKE me do anything anymore lol). But, I still don’t believe getting married solely because the girl is pregnant is the right reason to get married, and I think that’s asking for trouble later on. Marriage doesn’t guarantee anything anymore, because people don’t take their vows seriously, and have lost all respect for the institution. Just look at all the married men in Hollywood and professional sports who cheat on their wives all the time. If Mario and Courtney don’t want to get married yet, then that’s fine. They should wait it out, until they do feel ready for it. Having children outside of marriage isn’t so taboo anymore, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Great for Mario – let’s see – dated his first wife for 4-6 years, married her and within 3 weeks he was sleeping around on her and they divorced. Oh – yes, he’s Catholic and goes to CHURCH every Sunday! Now, let’s have a baby out of wedlock. We’re so excited for you.

    • Alexlyn

      Almost right…he was sleeping around at his bachelor party. He is THAT classy.

  • Anonymous

    if they are happy then it is their business and not ours to judge. So stop writing how lousy he is!!!!!!!!

  • tony

    He is gay, so what, He wants a kid…you would think he would think about marrying the girl but no, he is too selfish..

    Just another extension of the lowlife gollywood trash that are called STARS…

  • Zack Attack

    what a misleading link… it said “guess what FAMOUS CELEBRITY is going to be a dad” … hello?

  • julie1982

    who cares if it aint married… come on people its 2010…
    when a unmarried women get knocked up they dont have to get married no more… its not the 1800’s no more…lol…
    I have 2 kids and Im not married, Im not even with my kids’s father no more…

  • Anonymous

    yes julie1982…you’re the perfect example….a standard to live by…lol

  • Tunisia

    I would appreciate if you haters hate elsewhere! And let the lovers love what is coming to this couple!

  • Anonymous

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