Matthew McConaughey & Levi: Central Park Zoo Duo

Matthew McConaughey and his charming 20-month-old son Levi headed to New York City’s Central Park Zoo together on Wednesday afternoon (March 10).

Little Levi kept his daddy on his toes as he ran about the park, climbing and exploring. It looks as though he’s inherited his father’s sense of adventure and athleticism! They also stopped for a snack as they took in the seal exhibit.

Just yesterday we spotted the dynamic duo out for a walk. Matthew and his family, including girlfriend Camila Alves and their newborn baby Vida, 2-month, are taking a break from their sunny Malibu home as they visit the Big Apple.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Fame


    No jacket and shorts in 55 degree weather? He has morons for parents. In fact, they should hang out the Cruises.

  • edeilo

    OMG! Sooo adorable! I love his outfit!
    55 is fine with a long sleeve shirt. I am from the Midwest and 55-60 is perfect weather for long sleeve / light sweater. He probably got hot and dad put the jacket in the diaper bag.

  • Anonymous

    Adorable!!! i smile everytime i look at this photo.
    i like right around there and it was so nice the past couple days. noone in my neighborhood was wearing a jacket including my 1 year old neighbor so i think he is fine!!

  • Sophia

    Levi is such a little sweetie! That first photo is just heaven. He looks so cheeky and happy 🙂
    He and his sister are both so small for their ages, which I find surprising seeing as their parents are reasonably tall (I presume, given that Matthew’s a fully grown man and Camila’s a model), but I guess each child grows at his or her own pace. Levi and Vida seem to be healthy, loved children with happy and in love parents 🙂
    …although 55 is very cold to be without a jacket and long pants. I live in Australia so we use Celcius, but I just checked what 55 is in Celcius and it’s 12. It was 12 yesterday morning here and I had a singlet, long-sleeved top, vest, scarf, jeans, socks and shoes and I was still cold. Levi seems fine, though, I guess, I just would never take a child of mine out without warmer clothes on in that temperature, especially seeing as he’s so little and babies lose heat more easily than adults.

  • Smiling

    Omg that first photo is just the most adorable! I laughed out loud when I seen it. I rarely see photos of just dad and levi hanging out. I think Matthew needs to take the time and let the Paps catch this sort of thing more often. Levi is either with grandma or mom all the time. And why? These two are incredible together! Levi looks like he’s in heaven.

  • Hannah

    Levi is such a cutie but he needs a haircut.

  • Anonymous

    this first picture is why levi is my favorite baby in hollywood!! so adorable!!

    sophia, you’re right. levi does look small for 20 months. however, my nephew was born around the same time as levi and is just as small (and his parents are 5’10 and 6’3!). he’s just taking his sweet time 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow that first pic is soo adorable…I thought it was Salma Hayek’s daughter at first!!! They look just alike now that I’ve noticed. imo

  • Romeo Blue

    Every time I see this kid I feel like throwing him in a tub; he always looks dirty looking. I don’t know if it’s the long, uncombed hair or the ripped, unmatched clothing he always wears.

  • Anonymous

    so CUTE!

  • Anonymous

    This kid needs a hair cut and some new clothing. He looks like he is “homeless”!

  • Anonymous

    i think levi’s high is just right and in top of that he is one handsome little baby just like his parents 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, he looks tiny for his age.

  • Anonymous

    He looks so happy! Who gives a f what height is this little kid, as long he’s healthy and happy that’s all it counts. Jealousy it’s a B!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cute cute and one more time cute!!!! i love this family!!!

    Sophia… your comment surprised me. i dont see anything wrong with Levi’s outfit and the weather. dont forget that there is few more things like how sunny is the day or if there is clouds, wind or humidity. i will never forget my trip to london in december where i was standing on the street freezing and i saw a stroler with a baby without socks!
    also little kids move a lot so you have to be very carefull to dont let them sweat and get sick.
    second i dont think Levi is tiny. he is normal hight for me. and how can you tell that Vida is also tiny if we could see only one photo of her taken after she was born?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    He is SOOOOOO CUTE!!! Love this family, and Levi just looks happy and adorable and scruffy. Love it!

  • PittsStephanie24

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  • Glen

    He’s so cute! I don’t see any similarities between him and Matthew though 🙂

    Entertainment is one helluva business. I’ve seen many writers write about Matthew and other stars too asking for huge article writing rates. This is insane.

  • dave manning

    Saw M M in san antonio before.

  • adam alberts

    Oh so cute baby..

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