The Jolie-Pitts: Cruisin’ The Canal

What a couple of cuties! Knox Jolie-Pitt and his twin sister Vivienne, 1 1/2, joined their parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for a cruise along the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy this morning (March 12). Both babes clutched their blankets as they boarded a waiting boat with their movie star mom and dad.

The Jolie-Pitts, including older siblings Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 1/2 – have been in Italy since last month, taking up temporary residence in the beautiful “City of Water” while Angie works on her latest film, The Tourist.

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  1. Eheath

    Gosh there getting soo big, perfect mix of both parents, seems weird seemign them on there feet! looks sooo much like shiloh, beautiful family there all growing soo fast!

  2. Kati

    Those two cuties are absolutely adorable! It´s wonderful to see them on their feet! After all they´re already 1 1/2 year old. I love that aviator-styled jacket Knox is wearing. And how adorable does Vivienne look! She is just like her mum and big sis Shi. Knox looks more like his dad. He will be a handsome young man one day. Seems like it was just yesterday these cuties were babies and now they´re almost 2 years old and walking! With these adorable pics my prayers were answered. I love these two!

  3. Alma

    Am I seeing earings in Vivienne’s ears? WOW!!! Why on earth would you pierce your kids ears at so young age? Let them make that decision when they are old enough!

  4. Claire

    Well about the pierced ears… here where I live in Europe when the baby is few months old they pierce them.

  5. Julka6,

    Wow, Knox is all Angelina, Vivienne look like Shiloh

  6. Anonymous

    OMG..are people really going to start commenting on ear peircing!!! Its not your child!!! Knox is a mini Brad….adorable!

  7. halli

    vivienne looks like Angelina’s mother..


    Agree….Knox looks so much like Brad especially with that stare! Both cutie pies….And I pierced both of my girls’ ears at 3 months old!:)

  9. Ani27

    Knox is not mini Brad. He look like angelina. Twins are mini Jolie, Shiloh is mini Brad

  10. Lois

    Absolutely precious. In many countries, baby girl ears are pierced when they are a few months old. My mom had mine pierced when I was 4 months old. Stop being so close minded people.

  11. Anonymous

    Not feelin’ that jacket on Knox. He looks like a mini member of the KGB.

  12. AgNi

    Twins are cute. Vivinee is mini Shiloh , Knox looks like her mother

  13. Venni

    their coats look like they were borrowed from the older siblings! still cute though!

  14. Liron

    Knox is going the knock the ladies off their feet when he’s older. Look at that expression! Viviene is cute, but I don’t like earrings on toddlers. They both look similar but not identical to Shiloh. These two definitely make gorgeous babies 🙂

  15. CelineDionFanForever

    looks like Viv is going to be a blonde like Shi.

  16. Angie

    I completely agree Lois! Big deal on the ears…my Momma had my ears pierced when I was only 6 months old…I’m glad she did!! I can’t believe how much they look like little Shiloh!! What little beauties?!

  17. Caitlin

    Knox is absolutely precious with that intense stare! And wow Vivienne lives up to her elegant name, what a little lady! All of the Jolie-Pitt kids are so gorgeous and their personalities are all so unique it seems. Beautiful to see 🙂

  18. Alma

    I guess its a cultural thing about the earings at so young age. In Scandinavia (Denmark in particular where I live) we give the kids the chance to take that decision when they are old enough. Natural its best!!!

  19. Lilly

    The kids are adrorable, I really hope they don’t go into showbiz b/c if they’re this popular as tots imagine how popular they will be when they’re older- and you know how that ends up..Lindsey or Britney cases. The paparrazzi should just leave them alone already, the media is going to ruin these kids 🙁

  20. Romeo Blue

    These kids are absolutely gorgeous. To Alma, as far as the ear piercing, what planet do you live on? You’ve never seen that before???? Baby girls have been getting their ears pierced at a young age for years. Most baby girls I know get them pierced as soon as the doctor says it’s okay which is a few months. Wake up!

  21. Shootingstar

    Those kids are beautiful!.

  22. Kediia

    wow this is too much ….
    Isn’t normal that you piece your child’s ears at a young age ?
    I got mine pierce at 10 and people would call me weird …
    I think the sooner the better.
    Plus they look adorable !

  23. Natasza

    Very beauty. Knox so much look like Angelina

  24. susie

    These babies are beautiful, just like their gorgeous parents. And Knox and Viv are a combination of both their parents. Knox favors Brad very much and Viv her mom, but you can see both Brad and Angelina in both babies.
    As for Vivienne’s ears being pierced, that is nothing special, lots of babies have their ears pierced when they are very, very young and why make an issue anyway about Viv’s ears? This is quite normal. Love this family. God bless all of them.

  25. aisha

    last time it’s about maddox mohawk
    next about shi and zee pacifier
    next is about shi’s hair
    then about ear piercing
    and a borrowed coat

    oh hell yeah… seems like this family doing is wrong…
    what a mockingbird you all people..

    I don’t care.. they are a simple, perfect and try to become normal family
    hats off to Jolie-Pitt

  26. Alma

    I am talking about a common HUMAN right in giving that kid, when he is big enough, a chance to decide by himself whether he/she wants to get his/her ears pierced. Why forcing your own believes in your kid? Let him form his own opinion and let him take that decision when he/she is big enough to understand the concept of getting the ears pierced. Not just because you had it when you were a baby. And how do you know she wants to have had those earings? Isnt that against her own will? What planet are you living on?!?

    • Anonymous

      Every child in the world lives with the decisions of his parents, and it’s not as simple as saying it’s a “human right” to decide. No one has a choice whether their first language is English, French, or Swahili, that’s something predetermined by the culture of the parents. No one has a choice what religion they’re taught from earliest childhood, even though you could argue it’s a human right to be taught all religions and allowed to decide for yourself. Likewise, an Iraqi baby dresses differently from an American baby and they have no choice in that. Their parents can’t wait until they’re old enough to decide what they want to wear. Ear piercing is harmless and if Vivienne decides she doesn’t like them later on, she can always take them out.

    • Wrong reasoning !

      Your reasoning is totally flawn. If we follow your logic, parents shouldn’t even name their child, which is MUCH, MUCH more personal that peircing. ears.

      We should all let years until the child decide what surname s/ wants !
      We should all raise our children at home and wait years until s/he he gives his opinion about going to school or not. We should wait years letting the child naked before s/ he has his tastes in clothes. We should all wait the child decdieds what type of food he wants to be fed with, if s/he wants bto be breast fed or not. We should all wait years before cutting his/he hairs, nails, ect. We should all wait years before he/she decides how his/her room is decorated. We should all wait of s/he wants to get that vaccine against that or this illness.

      I have been peirced at 3 months and my father who is a doctor told me that being peirced that young is the best for a child because nerves perception are not settled yet. the baby feels a pain comparable to a sting of an insect and it is much lesser than those vaccines.

      Also it is advised to put some earrings because if not, the holes will resorbe themselves.

    • Kelly

      If you don’t want to pierce your child’s ears, great! But you have no say in what other people choose to do.

  27. Kati

    Can´t get enough of these pics. Knox Jolie-Pitt is a handsome little boy. A future heartbreaker in the making.

  28. JoL

    Knox is spitting image Angie, but Vivi favour her fahter and Shiloh. The cutest babies ever


    2 of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen!

  30. Anonymous

    They are gorgeous! Vivienne looks really sweet with these earrings! And I like Knox’s coat… It’s just why didn’t they pierce Shiloh’s years when she was a baby and why do they let all of the other kids treat her lie that, even after she lost her tooth?

  31. Kati

    I absolutely love that pic #7 of Vivienne. It´s easy to see that she has inherited the shape of her eyes form mum Angie and late grandma Marcheline but the color comes from dad Brad. She is a beauty just like her big sisters. And she seems to have same blond hair as Shi. I also love those earrings she is wearing. And Knox is as handsome as ever. Takes after his dad stylewise. That jacket he´s wearing is just cute.

  32. Jessi!

    Twins looks like Angelina Jolie , expecially boy. Very beauty, like Shiloh

  33. Anonymous

    Alma do you think parents should let their boys decide if they want to be circumsized too. As for the ears a lady w/ boy girl twins on another site said she pierced the girls’ ears to tell them apart/. If she doesn’t like she can stop wearing earrings and the holes will close.

  34. Anonymous

    Said, you need to put down the tabloids none of us know how the kids treat each other. The girls seem to get along fine always holding hands but we don’t know. We don’t know how she lost her tooth . We don’t know why Viv’s ears are pierced. We don’t know why they cut her hair.We will never know unless Brad or Angie discusses in an interview.

  35. Anonymous

    they will never discus it. besides the article with the chipped tooth is an year and a half old and no body believed it but now we actually see her tooth i really missing and she’s only 3 1/2.

  36. MeganI

    Knox is the most beautiful baby in Hollywood. He look like Angelina because he is so beuty.

  37. Anonymous

    Alma, I hate pierced ears on small children too. I think it looks tacky and and is a form of mutilation. And justr IMGINE if they’d pierced tomboy Shi’s ears…she’d have HATED it so kids may very well object and not just when they grow up. But I respect others rights to a different opinion.

  38. Anon1

    Knox looks nothing like Pitt and he looks like he is special

  39. Samuel

    What a couple of cuties!

    Yeah !! Really cute !! vacation rentals

  40. John Patrick

    They look pretty cool and I they were just awesome.Tig welder

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