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@moonfrye My little Jagger feeding me a lollipop. Super yummy breakfast!

@Ali_Sweeney early am time w Ben, so cute to watch him tickle Megan’s tummy to wake her up. off to school, then getting my butt (& rest of me) to gym

@ShannaMoakler I am just NOT a morning person. I accept it, I embrace it. I harbor no ill will to those THAT are…ok maybe a little… lol

@MellyJHart Happy 2nd Birthday to our littlest man, Braydon!! I can’t believe you are two already!!

@JimCarrey Guys want an angel who can act like a devil,not a devil who can act like an angel.Unless you’re Brad Pitt.Then ya gotta give it a go! ;^)

@michellebranch Alright. Voice over auditions today. I’m nervous, I’ve never done this before! Positive note: I don’t have to worry about how I look. Eeeek!

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