Will Celebrity Kids – Who Are The Paparazzi’s Prey – Pay a Price Later In Life?

It is hard to imagine being the offspring of an A-list star, let alone a B-lister or even a C-lister. Not only would you always be thought of as “Fill-in-blanks” son or daughter but your identity would forever be interwoven with your parents, even more so than the “normal” child. And there will always be a chronicle of your childhood though the countless paparazzi pics. Photos of you playing, shopping and just walking down the street with your famous parents. Not something an average child has to deal with.

But this is reality for oodles of children borne to the rich and famous. Kids like Suri, Violet, Kingston and Shiloh have been hunted down as prey of the paparazzi since the day they were born. Maybe it wouldn’t be that weird if that’s all you knew. But the immense crowds, the aggressiveness of the photographers and just being the center of all the attention must take some kind of toll. Will these kids suffer psychologically from the invasive nature of the media?

Some have noted the children might develop a “false sense of worth” and wonder if it’s “possible for them to find their own identity.” Phil Gosschalk, Director of Australia’s Childpsych Psychology Practice stated that:

“Children’s self-esteem is influenced by how people behave towards them, so if they’re allowed to be in the public eye and have their photo taken they may develop an inflated sense of worth … If children never get realistic feedback about their actions, when they eventually do experience rejection or criticism in their life they may be less resilient. This could set them up to experience depression.”

Some kids like Violet Affleck, seem to deal with it in their stride whereas Suri and Kingston can look physically upset by all the attention.

Do you think this is just part of their life and is just part of who they are? Or will they, down the line, be victims of their parents success?

And check out our gallery of what celebrity parents and kids have to deal with on a daily basis.

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Photo credit: Fame Picture, Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    Is this website itself not preying on celebrity kids? All it’s selling is their photos.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with `u!

  • Anonymous

    if parents told the kids why they are so followed by so many people & papz, I think the won`t have any problem

  • Danielle

    It’s funny how some celebs manage to keep their families out of the lime light and others seem to throw their kids into it.

    I love Travis Barker as a musician and he seems a very hands on dad but the whole thing with him kicking off at the paps for following him and kids going for breakfast was stupid.
    When he made ‘Meet the Barkers’ the children were on it the whole time, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    I say don’t play the paps then turn around and cry your stalking me and my kids.

  • Anna

    What a strange article for this website, basically you’re telling your visitors not to visit anymore!

    I don’t think the kids are harmed by this and I also believe that most of the parents choose this for their children. Except for a fe A listers, the others could easily escape the paps if they wanted too.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s up to the parents to decide how they want to handle it and how their children will. The Beckhams always have bodyguards with them and because of that, the paparazzi never get TOO close. If the parents are calm (ie. Jennifer Garner), the kids are calm.

  • Anonymous

    You would not have a website/job if these celebrity kids were not preyed on by the media paparazzi. I believe that children are in tune with and react to their parents’ feelings. It must be very stressful for them to always have to deal with a gaggle of photographers every where they go. Do you have to pay for the photos you post everyday? If so, then you are part of the problem also.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this website is getting a conscience? We need to change the way the paparazzi work. Give the celebs and their kids some space. The PAPARAZZI Reform Initiative helped pass the anti-paparazzi law recently enacted in California. http://www.paparazzi-reform.org

  • Anonymous

    Personally I think the paps have crossed the line of just taking picture to full on stalking. I admit I like to see cute pics of my favorite celeb families, but I think I’m going stop because they way paps get these pics is so wrong. Like stalking out Violet Afflecks school, that’s just wrong. But I think it depends on how parents deal with it. If they act like they hate it, then kids will too. If they just pretend like nothing out of usual is going on, that’s how kids will act too. It all depends of the parents reaction to it.

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