Dannielynn Birkhead: Playground Pretty

Looking adorable in her flower-adorned jeans, 3-year-old Dannielynn was spotted playing with her dad Larry Birkhead at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, California today (March 13).

Coldwater Canyon seems to be a popular spot for A-list parents and their tots: In the past couple of weeks alone we’ve seen Jennifer Garner and her girls and Halle Berry and Nahla enjoying some downtime at the Beverly Hills playground.

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures


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  1. Gigohead

    She is absolutely beautiful! He has done such a great job with her.

  2. Sarah G.

    I completely agree, Gigohead! She is absolutely stunning, and clearly so happy!

    Those jeans are super cute! I love ’em! 🙂

  3. SarahEl

    What a sweet little girl! They both look so happy together!!! I do LOVE her pants!! As well as the whole outfit!! If anyone knows where they come from, I would love it!

  4. Sophia

    Can’t say I am a fan of her pants, but Dannielynn definitely is an amazingly beautiuful little girl! She is going to be an absolute stunner when she grows up! It’s amazing how much like each parent she looks! When I compare her to Larry, they look incredibly similar, but on the same token she seems to really favour Anna Nicole too. She really is just gorgeous, and seems to be having a happy, healthy upbringing thanks to her clearly adoring father 🙂

  5. caitlin

    dannielynn is a beautiful little girl!

  6. Lioness

    Cute pics. Very cute girl. Hideous pants.

  7. Kati

    Dannielynn is a beautiful little girl! It´s wonderful to see her out with her dad. Larry is doing a marvellous job with her. He seems to be a very loving and dedicated father to his little girl. She looks a lot like both of her parents. What a shame that Dannielynn will never learn to know her mum. But I´m sure that Larry is teaching her about her mum a lot. Anna Nicole sure was a wonderful woman and a great mother. What a shame she won´t see her little girl growing up. But she´ll always be protecting her wherever she is!

  8. Eheath

    I love how much he loves her, you can always see the love in his eyes for her, shes just beautiful and how could anybody have ever had a doubt she was his there soo much alike and he seems to be doing an amazing job bringing her up..

  9. Anonymous

    beautiful girl. Her pants are ridiculous!

  10. Peta

    I agree with other comments – cute girl, involved father, hideous pants. Here’s hoping that fashion trend won’t catch on.

  11. Hannah.J

    Dannielynn looks so much like Larry, it’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Anna has been gone I hope Larry tells Dannielynn all the good things about her mom.

  12. Anonymous

    Gawd she is so beautiful and elegant just like her mother. I wish Anna is watching down and seeing her beautiful lil clone 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    Very cute- let’s just hope that her dad keeps taking good care of her by keeping her on the playground and out of the courtroom (somthing her mother was never able to accomplish…even in death as her Marshall v. Marshall case contiues to tie up the american judicial system!) (and yes, the pun was intended :))

  14. heart

    wow soooooooobeautiful dannielynn and she alot like both perants in fact

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