Jennifer Lopez: Everything Comes After Family

Jennifer Lopez is ready for a comeback! Her romantic comedy, The Back-Up Plan, hits theaters next month and new album, Love, is expected this summer. She and hubby Marc Anthony – who will celebrate their sixth-wedding anniversary in June – are proud parents of 2-year-old twins Max and Emme. J.Lo opened up to OK! about how she keeps it all in balance.

On her private life: “I do have more of a private life now. That part of my life has changed. I just didn’t want to be that person anymore.”

On being more relaxed than earlier in her career: “I guess I am. You start out young and confident, thinking you want to be an actress and singer. Then you actually do it and it’s great for a while, but then you have all this success and other things start becoming more important.”

On how she juggles work and family life: “I think you have to know what is most important to you. And I think you have to realize that as much as you put into your relationship and your children — but more so. That’s how you balance it. For me, my family is the most important thing and everything else comes after that.”

On seeming to be so happy and content, despite being busy: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the harder things are, the better things are. Where you’re test, that’s where you get to the next level in your life. You do things because your gut tells you to do them; then they can never be wrong because they’re right for you, no matter how [things are] perceived. The important thing is that you did it and you did it in the best way you could.”

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  • JHOstinks

    She may be ready, but the world doesn’t want her to comeback. She is an untalented has been. This gold digging w h o r e can’t sing, act, dance or design clothes. She is the laughing stock of the entertainment industry. Her record company dumped her, and this movie will bomb, just like all the rest. Its time to get J-LOST!

    • Dwayne

      JHOstinks u just a damn hater thats a shame if u dont have nothing good to say please dont say it at all people like you are such fucking ass hoes Jlo is amazing your just hating thats a bad thing to do so if u dont like her please dont share ur nasty comments:)

  • Anonymous

    WHERE ARE Marc’s other children he does have 3 more children 2 with his
    EX WIFE DYANARA AND ONE WITH A New York Cop a 9 year old girl… So
    thanx so much Celebrity Baby Blog

  • BigJLoFan

    Can’t wait for the Back-Up Plan! Jennifer has been in the biz for over ten years. She is a gorgeous, talented & funny lady. Glad to know her family comes first! I’ve been a fan since Selena & I always will be. There’s way too many haters out there! Love ya, JLo!!!!!!!

  • Gigohead

    Marc’s daughter from his early relationship is a whopping 16 years old this year! LOL! Time does fly! I’m surprised we don’t see more of her with her dad since she can be the babies sitter now. Daynara son is 9. I have seen pics of the boys but the oldest daughter is somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps she’s chosen not to have a relationship with her dad.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Lopez is a self centered, high maintenance idiot! Marc Anthony is her puppet! Ben Affleck must thank himself every day for marrying a normal down to earth woman like Jennifer Garner. Lopez’s daughter looks so tacky wearing that stupid jewelry already!

  • Anonymous

    Blah, blah, blah JLo! Nobody cares about you and your skeleton “has been” husband! What exactly does Marc do now besides kissing JLo’s fat butt?!

  • Anonymous

    People who continue to hate on her is because they are jelious of her and what she has done now and in the past. I agree family comes first, she has found satisfaction in being a mother and wife. Get off your high horses and shut up! She will always come back, again, again, and again. So live with it!

  • Sophia

    Um, CBS, I thought you deleted comments that were discriminatory? Almost all of these comments are rude and unnecessary.

  • Rita

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  • Anonymous

    On seeming to be so happy and content, despite being busy: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the harder things are, the better things are. Where you’re test, that’s where you get to the next level in your life.

    Wth! does that mean?.Where your’re test ?
    If she trying to say she’s better with Marc because he tests her to make her a better person.Then she’s in trouble because that’s what madonna said about Guy.And every knows how that ended up.
    I think she’s not happy in her marriage and she’s giving these BS interview ,to make everyone think everything is fine and dandy

  • Claire

    I love to see a committed mother besides her full-life job. Great J.Lo I hope your new movie and your cd will reach tops. These are really cute babies like her mother 😀
    Claire from New York hostels

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  • thomas.k.douglas

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  • Sophie295

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