Organic Bug: Green Jewelry by Bottled Designs

Who knew that broken bottles and jars would be in inspiration for fun, trendy jewelry? Bottled Up Designs did, and gave new meaning to the saying-one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, by turning pieces of broken glass into an amazing collection of beautiful necklaces and earrings. Available at, Bottled Up Designs gives every fashionista over 20 stylish reasons to think green.

Inspiration can be an elusive quest but Laura Bergman of Bottled Up Designs found hers when she paired creative imagination with a true respect for the environment. The artist has spent countless hours over the last 20 years collecting pretty pieces of glass from old bottle dumps in the rural farmlands and natural wooded habitats of the Pennsylvania Amish country where she grew up. Laura gives new life to these sparkling remnants of broken bottles and jars which were carelessly cast out over several decades and now threaten the environment and the wildlife that share the land she calls home. The sight of a young deer resting among the broken shards of glass, and the knowledge that foxes and squirrels also face danger running among the debris keep Laura’s wheels of inspiration turning as she continues to clean up the land around her.

With an eye for the historical beauty of these long abandoned pieces and a keen desire to keep them out of the trash stream, Laura reclaims and converts her glass collection into a dazzling array of fine jewelry. Each selection arrives on a card that details The Story of the Glass including its age and an explanation of its original use. Stunning cobalt blue from Noxema bottles dating back to the 1920’s along with antique beer bottles from the 1800’s make up just some of the glass that she collects and transforms into pendants and earrings of various shapes and color.

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