Keri Russell Dishes On Healthy Living

Felicity star Keri Russell is one of the few celebrities that is able to keep her private life relatively low-key. The actress, whose acting career spans almost 2 decades, lives a quiet life in Brooklyn, with husband Shane Deary and son River, 2 1/2. Russell sat down with and revealed how she takes care of mind, body, and soul by putting family first.

On keeping her energy up: “When I have time, working out really helps. Anything—walking, going for a run, Pilates—whatever there’s time for. I feel endlessly better when I do that.”

On how she keeps fit: “My favorite thing, especially living in Brooklyn, is that I got a bike recently, and I ride it everywhere—to get groceries, the farmers’ market, to the park. Shane and I even biked into [Manhattan] a few times to meet friends for dinner. Also, we do dance parties at the house with River.”

On if she plans to have another baby: “Yes! We’re not there yet, but it’s totally a possibility. Although, I just ran into a friend of mine, and I said, “How’s the second baby?” And she said, “You have two, you might as well have 300.”

On how she spends her downtime: “Lately, on Sundays we make a big brunch, where we have a fire in the fireplace and lots of food. It usually starts at 10 and ends at 4, and you just sit and chat.”

On the best advice she has received as a mother: “My dear friend Julie has three kids. When I had River and did not get a babysitter for a long time, she said, “Don’t be a martyr. It is not serving anyone.” And she’s absolutely right. You can’t do everything. And you don’t know it until you know it.”

On marrying a non-celebrity: “I feel that it’s a huge part of the success of the relationship. I love that he doesn’t really know anything about this business—and he’s always excited about it. And I love what he does. I think it’s incredibly sexy. I mean, he’s a hot carpenter … what can I say?”

Russell’s latest film Extraordinary Measures was released in January, and the actress appears to be taking a break from films, with nothing else lined up at this time.

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