Michelle Duggar Cradles 2-Pound Preemie Josie

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19th child, who was born at just 25 weeks and weighed only 1 lb., 6 oz., gets a visit from mom on an upcoming episode of their TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, which airs Tuesday (9 p.m. EST), Us reports.

“Momma’s here. She looks so big to me,” Michelle, 43, says to Josie, who is 47 days old and still hospitalized.

A nurse from the intensive care unit explains that Josie now weighs 2 lbs., 3 1/2 oz. “She eats breast milk that mom has pumped and we have, and she gets it continuously at six milliliters an hour, which is about a teaspoon an hour.”

Josie has “been very energetic,” Michelle proudly says. “She’s going to have to be to keep up with everybody at home.”

Michelle tries to place a headband on Josie’s head, but decides “it may be too snug” with her IV. “You look so beautiful, even without the bow,” Michelle says. “You’re just beautiful.”

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  • Anonymous

    Well what about your grandson.. or granddaughter.. it sounds like you rushed this baby so that you will be the star and not your son who by
    the way also gave birth to a baby… THE show should be retitled 20 kids
    and counting including her grandchild..It is sad that this had to happen..

  • Sherry

    What a miracle. Born at 25 weeks and thriving. Hmmm……and babies older than her are aborted because they aren’t really babies?? Score one for those against abortions.

    • Anonymous

      cant agree with u more sherry..:):)

  • Anonymous

    Having 19th children is simply ridiculous….poor child 🙁

  • SarahEl

    Ohh, it looks like Josie is doing so well. I am very happy to see this video! The Duggars may be a big family, but they truly seem like they are doing it all right. All the kids seem so nice and respectful, and well loved! I can’t wait to hear when Josie goes home!!

  • Anna

    How is she thriving when she can’t even eat!

  • Anonymous

    I agree — poor child.

  • Take Care of Kids!

    Selfish Woman and Jim Bob(stupid) is worse!
    Take Care of Your Kids Yourself!!



  • I love JOSIE.

    oh!i love baby Josie.i love her more than all the little kids.but i think the older girls r very nice. HOPE YOU GET WELL JOSIE!!!

  • alicesmile

    She is so lovely and pure !!
    Wish her all the best
    many many best wishes By
    testking 70-432

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