5 Celebrities Who Raised Their Kids Away from Hollywood…For Part of the Time At Least!

Movie star parents know what’s up. They’ve seen the way that Hollywood can hurt a family. It is a land of temptations. Just watch any LA based reality show like Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Hills and you’d want to get your offspring out of dodge as quickly as possible too! Many tinsel town players, who can afford to do so, have opted to raise their families out of the company town. In more pastoral, peaceful or low-key locales. Here are 5 Hollywood heavy hitters who raise their kids out of the limelight.

Vera Farmiga
The Oscar nominated actress of Up in the Air fame lives with her musician husband Renn and one-year-old son Fynn in Upstate New York, about two hours away from New York City. They reside on a farm with four goats and no nanny, they rely on the help of family members when they need a sitter. Vera once said that, “In another life, I was a shepherdess.” She went on to say, “I like being off the grid. I want to be self-sufficient and live off the land.” It offers the actress, and the whole family, a great outlook saying, “I’ve become a farmer in my spare time. It’s really sort of a great place where I can be centered and have a great perspective on what it is I want and need.”

Robin Wright and Sean Penn
The two actors opted to raise their kids outside of the Hollywood hoopla. And after Robin and Sean broke up, she left Marin County and moved to Los Angeles with her sons, Dylan, 18, and Hopper, 16. On why she initially left LA she stated, “I didn’t want to raise my kids in this weird, sycophantic society. If you have celebrity parents, it’s not a good recipe for the kids, or anyone at any age. Look at what Brad and Angelina go through.” Her boys had an early foundation of the peaceful and bucolic nature of Northern California, which hopefully they’ll carry with them in their new LA lifestyle.

Harrison Ford
Harrison did a fantastic job of keeping his kids out of the spotlight. Really, have you ever seen them out and about at a nightclub screaming “My Dad’s Han Solo!” Yeah, not so much. But he has five kids, two sons from his first marriage, a son and a daughter from his second and now his girlfriend’s boy. His four older kids were raised much of the time on the 800-acre ranch he had near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. But he is now in the process of raising a Hollywood kid, the 9-year-old son of his partner the actress Calista Flockhart.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
When the two were still together, they made the conscience decision to raise their three girls, Tallulah, Scout and Rumer, out of Hollywood -at least for their early formative years. The family moved to Haily, Idaho to raise their young girls in the peace and quiet of the small town. Demi still lists this as her primary residence but spends most of her time in Los Angeles with hubby Ashton Kutcher and her three girls.

Julia Roberts
This pretty woman’s family splits her time between her ranch in New Mexico and her home in Malibu. When her twins Hazel and Phinnaeus were born, the family spent most of their time holed up at their sprawling New Mexico estate. But now the family is spending more time in California where the kids are going to school. But whenever they can, the family escapes to their New Mexico home, no doubt to wash the tinsel town out of their kid’s hair. A good way to keep them balanced.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dylan Penn is a girl, not a boy.

  2. L.A. Girl

    Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, I find it insulting that you believe “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “The Hills” are accurate representations of growing up in L.A. — and that Julia Roberts needs to “wash Tinsel Town” out of her kids’ hair. If she believed that, why make L.A. her primary residence? She’s a big enough star that she could live anywhere, but chooses to spend most of her time here because it’s a beautiful place to raise a family.

    I’m guessing “SUNNY” has never even been to Los Angeles. “Hollywood” does not hurt a family — poor parenting does.

  3. Anonymous

    L.A is not a bad place to raise your kids at all! Famous or not, L.A. could only be a bad if you chose to put your kids in those situations. The schools are good, the weather, and there are a lot of play grounds and kid-friendly places. And why do you think so many celebs stay in L.A. with their families? Because they like being stalked by paps? No because its the easiest things on the families when their working on movies (unless its on location) and it is not a bad place to raise children at all.

  4. Anonymous

    also Johnny Depp and Brangelina

  5. Sophia

    Dylan Frances Penn is not a boy.

  6. cvbcvvc

    LA is wasteland of dead flesh… it’s terrible place for children of famous partents to grow up… fact..

  7. Anonymous

    jaime pressly keeps Dezi out of the limelight

  8. Anonymous

    Also Jon Bon Jovi has lived until a few yers ago in New Jersey

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