Are Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott On The Rocks?

Is there trouble in paradise? In footage from the new season of their reality TV show, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott appear to be on the rocks, Life & Style reports. Scenes from Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood reveal their seemingly perfect relationship is now filled with tears, tension and screaming matches. “What changed with me?” Dean pleads with his wife. “It’s like you got more and more unhappy and angry,” Tori cries back to her husband. “I just want the old Dean back. I really do. I miss you so much.”

By his own admission, Dean isn’t the same attentive man Tori married. Recently, he’s been consumed by an obsession with motorcycle racing. Dean often leaves Tori with the kids while he speeds off to California’s Auto Club Speedway several days every week, for hours at a time.

One of the major plotlines in season five is that Dean is rarely home with the family. Even Dean says, “I’m not present as a father and a husband.” Tori is quickly growing tired of supporting their family — which includes son Liam, 3, and daughter Stella, 1 1/2, — in addition to paying for his pricey hobby. “Dean has very little money of his own,” an insider says. “He doesn’t make a lot of money from his acting career. She has to work and parent and take care of the home all at once.”

“Dean’s the first to show up for photo ops,” the insider adds. “Tori likes when production is going on because at least there are tons of people around, money’s coming in and there are things to do.” What will Tori do? “She won’t leave Dean right now,” says the insider. “It would be very embarrassing for her and her family. She’s stuck.”

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  1. Shirilicious

    What did she expect? He was a married man when they met, hooked up with her shortly after and left his family while they were in the process of adopting a daughter. What kind of man does this? He could a least have the decency to separate first before hopping into Tori’s bed and go through with the adoption.
    He wasn’t a father for his old family, he won’t be one for his new.

  2. Alissa

    What comes around goes around Tori, and I am LMAO at this.

  3. Romeo Blue

    Shirilicious – you hit the nail on the head. Plus, he married her for her money, he was basically a nobody.

  4. Anonymous

    Her father was dying, and she was off running around and getting married to this idiot. Any wonder why her father disinherited her? She was only married for a year before that, and her parents paid over a million dollars for that wedding. She’s a flake.

  5. Anonymous

    Her “career” was already long over, when she decided to exploit her latest marriage and kids for profit. What will she do when she divorces him? She’s already pimped every nickel she can out of her name.

  6. Annonymous

    This is just a PR stunt to get people to watch their pathetic TV show! Their show is so repetitive, boring, contrived and STUPID! They are trying to lure people by deceiving them that their relationship has changed. But lets face it, they are stuck with each other…who would want either one of them!!!
    But if it is true…karma is a b***, what goes around comes around.

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