Bethenny Frankel’s Pregnant Premiere

An expectant Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives of NYC radiated the red carpet at the premiere of The Bounty Hunter in New York City on Tuesday (March 16).

Bethenny, 39, and her fiance, Jason Hoppy, are said to be tying the knot sooner rather than later. While on the red carpet last night, the mom-to-be told Hollywood Life that her wedding is happening in “days, not weeks” and that it’s going to be “a beautiful, classic New York wedding, very sophisticated, understated … with great food and great dancing.”

Congrats Bethenny – We can’t wait to see pics!

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  1. 50 yr old

    How can a 50 yr old have a baby?

  2. Anonymous

    Can she go away already? She isn’t relevant whatsoever, and she never shuts up!

    Besides, there were quite a few blind items written about her and drinking during her pregnancy, aside from the fact that her “healthy diet” book encourages anorexia and an 800 calorie eating plan. Not a good example of anyone who should be considered a “celebrity.”

    I’m sure this site can feature people other than this waste of space.

  3. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, even after she gives birth, we are going to hear a LOT about how she is losing her baby weight. Probably by starving herself (for narcissistic reasons), though she will proclaim that it is her own success in having self-control and choosing healthy foods.

    It’s hard to take any health advice from her seriously, considering that she has clearly had lots of plastic surgery.

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