Happy 2nd Birthday Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg!

Name: Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg

Date of Birth: March 17, 2008

Parents: Soleil Moon Frye & Jason Goldberg

Siblings: Poet Sienna Rose (08/05)

– She was born in Los Angeles, Calif. weighing 8lbs 6oz
– She and her family took a trip to Washington, DC earlier this year
– Jagger enjoys horseback riding lessons with her big sister, Poet

“Jagger was a name that we loved from the beginning of the pregnancy. We always wanted to be surprised by the sex and we felt like it was perfect for a boy or a girl. Joseph has a meaning that is so very close to our hearts. It was the name of our godfather, the patriarch of our family, the one who was there for me the day that I was born and the person who walked me down the aisle at my wedding. He was the inspiration of our family and he passed away of cancer a little over a year ago. Blue, we just loved it.” – Soleil, on choosing her daughter’s unique name.

“My little ones are getting bigger by the second. I can’t believe how fast time is going by. I love my girls so much and I am cherishing every minute.” – Soleil, on enjoying life with her daughters.

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Photo credit: moonfrye.com

  • Romeo Blue

    Cute kid but typical boy name. Don’t these people understand that these kids have to live with these stupid names (Harlow, Apple, Ever, Sparrow, Hopper, Grier, Suri, Bluebell, Coco, Pilot Inspektor, Poppy etc).

  • Anonymous

    That little girl is going to grow up thinking her parents really wanted a boy…so just gave her a boy name…..I still think its weird. I understand they wanted to use Joseph as a middle name but couldn’t have used the feminine form of Josephine since the first name is so masculine? But whatever…she is adorable!!! Happy Birthday!

  • Shirilicious

    Well, Happy Birthday, but initially I came here to comment on the name as well…
    I honestly thought for a moment that she is a boy who’s just very girly looking. Jagger Joseph Blue, three names and they couldn’t squeeze in one that’s at least neutral and not completely a boy’s name?

  • melo1983

    Aw happy birthday cutie! But jeez, the name?

  • Anonymous

    You have a typo on Soleil’s name in the Quotes section (first paragraph, last sentence).

    • Lisa


  • Alice

    Why would she think her parents “wanted a boy”? Soleil gave the explanation tight there for her daughter’s name. I laugh when I read that people will think “she is a boy”. In all the picture I’ve seen, she has such a pretty and very feminine little face!!! She’s a gorgeous little girl! Happy Birthday Jagger!!

  • dkcddef

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