Nicole Sullivan Reveals Body After Weight Loss

In a candid interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop in January, MADtv alum Nicole Sullivan revealed her struggle to lose weight post-baby, admitting that weight loss had taken over her day to day life, leaving it much less enjoyable. After signing on as Jenny Craig spokesperson, Sullivan is now happy to report that she has reached her goal weight, losing 35 lbs. in 16 weeks on the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Management Program. The mom to 2 ½-year-old Dashel and 6-month-old Beckett says of the accomplishment,

“I am beyond thrilled with my success on the Jenny Craig program. Before starting Jenny Craig, I really felt like I had tried every diet under the sun, and nothing worked – not to mention how crabby I always was from taking unrealistic steps to lose weight! With Jenny, I finally feel like I have a partner in achieving my goals and staying accountable. My consultant Becky has made losing the weight easy for me and kept me motivated along the way.”

She adds, “After having Beckett, I dreamed of a day where I’d feel comfortable enough in a swimsuit, let alone a bikini, to join my husband on pool-side play dates. Getting into a bikini again and feeling as good as I feel now, especially now that I am almost forty, is such an amazing feeling. Jenny Craig has truly made a difference in my relationship with food and with my body, and the best part of it all is that now my two children will always see Mommy as healthy! And my husband Jason can’t be more thrilled; he’s lost 25 pounds of ‘sympathy weight’ to boot.”

Upon reaching her goal weight, the comedienne spent the next four weeks toning up with a trainer, doing mom-friendly exercises like squats and lunges. Sullivan will reveal her new post-Jenny Craig body on a national commercial airing March 22.

Up next for Sullivan, who will turn forty in April, is the new Twitter-based CBS comedy pilot S**t My Dad Says with William Shatner.

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    Nicole Sullivan is just one of those mom that wants to look sexy after giving birth but to be sexy in that time is really hard because its hard to remove the fats which is caused by the pregnancy. With a good discipline and hard work in doing exercise she got the sexy body that is dreamed of many moms 🙂 Naples Florida

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    Nicole seem to have not given birth at all. She got her old figure. How did she did she trim her weight? Did she undergo surgery or all natural?Lisa Alloju

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