Marcia Cross & Girls: Beverly Hills Beauties

Taking a break from the Desperate Housewives set, actress Marcia Cross spent yesterday at a Beverly Hills, California park with her curly-haired cuties Eden and Savannah, 2 (March 18).

Marcia kept a close eye on the girls as they bounced around the playground and enjoyed a quiet cuddle with little Savannah as Eden took a turn on the swingset. The gorgeous mom’s stockbroker hubby Tom Mahoney didn’t join the threesome for their day out.

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. gen

    these girls are getting big :O

  2. Alley

    Eden and Savannah are 3 years old, not 2. They are big girls now 🙂

    Always happy to see them

  3. Anonymous

    the little girls are just lovely, like their mother !!

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