Toni Collette Takes Her Family On The Road

When work takes her out of town, Aussie actress Toni Collette travels with her family in tow.

Explaining that she, her husband Dave Galafassi and daughter Sage Florence, 2, “travel as a unit,” the 37-year-old actress tells the USA Today that she’s grateful that she doesn’t have to choose between work and family.

“The fact that I can bring my child, my family to work saves me. If I couldn’t, I don’t think I’d be working, sadly, which would probably make me implode.”

Toni also credits her hubby, who is a very hands-on dad: “It allows me to fly my kite,” she says.

Toni can currently be seen in the Showtime hit, United States of Tara.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

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  • rachel s

    Toni Collette is one of my most favorite actresses. The first time I saw her act was in the movie Muriel’s Wedding. She seems so well rounded. Able to juggle her family life with her career. I hope she gets bigger roles in movies!

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