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@RealScottBaio – The “LOOK” I get if I tell her “NO”

@Bethenny – It’s all ring is tight and my feet are swollen like watermelon.cankles are coming!see u at gary’s in wayne soon. On way!

@debimazar – Friday..starting my day with Jonas Brothers&coffee at the Bates Motel:)Get to watch Joe sing all day!!!My daughter is envious.Now I see why

@ShannaMoakler – my kids are scrap booking right now….LOVES IT! those apples don’t fall far from the tree!

@brookeburke – Kids still asleep. Yes it takes a villiage, 4 kids, 2 schools, and 2 episodes to knock out. TGIF!!!

@ricky_martin – i’m in a meeting with this man that has the breath of an old gorila in captivity.really bad.should i tell him?lol

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