The Broderick Girls’ Big Apple Stroll

Twin sisters Tabitha and Marion Broderick, 9 months, looked absolutely adorable in their floral bonnets while out for a stroll with their nanny in New York yesterday (March 19).

The girls’ mom Sarah Jessica Parker was in Toronto, Canada this week for the launch of the Halston Heritage Collection. The Sex and the City fashionista, who also has 7-year-old son James with her husband Matthew Broderick, is the chief creative officer of the new Halston Heritage brand.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • alexa

    Adorable baby’s girls

  • Hannah.J

    What little cuties, the baby on the left looks like James and the one on the right looks like Mom.

  • Melania

    Are they raised by nannies most of the time? They seem to be with them more than the parents. Nice accessories, anyway.

  • Sophia

    They looks so different! But they’re both sooo adorable 🙂
    I’d love to see them out more with their parents and brother.

  • Sophia


  • Anonymous

    Let’s see – so Sarah Jessica and Matthew decided to have more kids so that nannies can raise them?! I NEVER see these babies with their parents!

  • Anonymous

    wow- they look diff. the one on the right is so peaceful and the other looks a lil restless

  • Anonymous

    Why did these people bother to have more kids if they are NOT going to spend any time with them. All of the pictures of these babies always show them with a nanny.

  • Anonymous

    We only see pictures on them once in a blue moon. I really don’t think it’s fair to say things when nobody here really knows what life these girls have or what relationship they have with their parents. Also they always appear to be vert attentive with James from again what little we see.

  • CelineDionFanForever

    Please don’t judge SJP and Matthew, they are two working parents with three kids. So what if a nanny takes the girls out for a walk every once in awhile? The nannies aren’t raising these kids. Sarah and Matthew are.

    They look absolutely darling! I can’t wait till we know who is Tabitha and who is Loretta.

  • Janie McQueen

    The bonnets are by Southern bonnet and hat maker Susu and John! They look precious on those cute babies!

  • Sophia

    CelineDionFanForever, the baby on the left is Tabitha and the one on the right is Loretta. Just remember that Tabitha has big dark eyes and Loretta has blue eyes.

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