The Juppy: Baby Walker

No more back pain while teaching your little one how to walk. This handy training aid allows parents to stand upright instead of leaning over to hold baby’s hands, thereby saving the strain on your back. The Juppy is easy to use and convenient to carry everywhere you need to be. It simply folds up and can easily be placed into your pursue or diaper bag.

There are just three quick steps to get your baby into the Juppy. Place baby into the one-size-fits-all padded Juppy (similar to putting on a pair of pants), zip the front ensuring that the zipper and logo are facing forward and adjust the straps according to your height. And away you both go to the backyard, beach, park or any other fun adventure.

In addition to saving your back, the Juppy actually helps baby to walk sooner with the sense of confidence and independence they get from walking “hands free”.

Special offer: Receive a FREE carrying bag with your Juppy order (while supplies last).

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