Gisele Bündchen & Benjamin Take To The Skies

New mom Gisele Bündchen made her way through the Los Angeles International airport with her 3-month-old son Benjamin on Monday (March 22). The mother-son duo were heading home to Brazil where Gisele’s fraternal twin sister, Patrícia, is getting married.

Earlier in the day, we spotted the 29-year-old supermodel heading to a doctor’s appointment with her sweet son.

Benjamin’s father is Gisele’s hubby, football star Tom Brady. Tom and his ex, Bridget Moynahan, have a 2-year-old son John.

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  • Anonymous

    Gisele is a gorgeous woman! The suspense is killing me. I cannot wait to see what Benjamin looks like!

  • Anonymous

    Concerned that she has a three month old in the Ergo carrier without the infant insert. For proper hip development, the product recommends that the carrier not be used in this fashion until the baby is 4-6 months old.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – Gisele looks gorgeous!

  • Heather

    Wow anonymous you must be a perfect parent. A perfect person for that matter. You have no idea what she is doing or why. Maybe she just used it to carry the baby into the airport and then took him out of it. I’m sure his hip is not going to develop right there as she is walking from her car into the airport.

  • Anonymous

    Heather i dont think you know that either. I agree with anonymous 1:41pm was just an observation, it does affect not for any reason they put that recommends in the carrier

    btw she looks GREAT!

  • Anonymous

    She also doesn’t seem to have the back strap buckled together…

  • Anonymous

    she’s totallyy overrated i mean she’s not ugly AT ALL but she’s not the most beautiful model on earth and she seems to act like she is, supossed its her work to do so

  • Audrey

    Since she probably isn’t going to wear the baby on the airplane and is going to have to take it off for security, I doubt the baby is going to be in it long enough for hip damage.

  • Anonymous

    Sai daí Gisele, essa criança feia, nariguda igual a você, niguem merecee!!!!!

    Ugly Mother, Ugly Child…

  • jenna

    good point audrey

  • Anonymous

    Actually you can see Benjamin’s face in one on the pics at the airport. He is all Gisele. He looks very much like Gisele…… a tiny bit of dad.

  • Anonymous

    Gisele is a natural beauty. No make up and a plaid shirt and she still looks beautiful!

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