Peter Facinelli Dishes On His Biggest Fan

There is no doubt in the Facinelli/Garth family where loyalty lies- with dad of course, who plays Cullen family patriarch Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight series of films. Peter Facinelli was on hand for the second installment, New Moon’s release on Friday and revealed to PEOPLE how much daughters, Luca, 12, Lola, 7, and Fiona, 3, enjoy Twilight, saying, “I hope it doesn’t take them out of the movie that their dad is in it. I wouldn’t want to ruin it every time I pop on the screen, like, ‘There’s dad!'”

He adds who his biggest fan truly is, “My 7-year-old would go to school with a Carlisle T-shirt. The 12-year-old underplays it a lot. But if the 7-year-old had a Carlisle lunchbox, she’d take it to school.”

Facinelli, who also plays a doctor on the Showtime hit Nurse Jackie, recently wrote and completed a script for wife of nine-years, Jennie Garth to star in.

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    Beautiful, Beautiful family!!! And one HOT husband! : ) They are both very lucky.

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