Tina Fey Covers Esquire

With tousled locks and a Derek Lam mini, multi-talented mom Tina Fey goes glam on the cover of the April 2010 issue of Esquire magazine.

The 30 Rock star says she was game for the sexy photo shoot – up to a point.

“Well, I need to decline being handcuffed to a bed. I won’t straddle anyone. I won’t make out with a cop. There are certain things, I totally get them as a premise. And they’re all good fun, and if I were a young single model, they would be appropriate, but, you know, I’m a mom. And my kid’s going to find this someday. I don’t want to be handcuffed to a bed in Esquire. What are you nuts? I’m not going to make out with a cop that I’m handcuffed to. I got to get my kid into kindergarten. I guess that’s more of a Montessori way of learning, when they handcuff you to things.”

Speaking of Tina’s 4-year-old daughter Alice, it seems she may have inherited mom’s acting talents.

“She’s a pretty violent Belle,” Tina says of Alice’s unique interpretation of the Beauty & the Beast princess. “She’ll come in and say, ‘Gaston is hurt. I’ve killed him with a sword.’”

The funny mom also goes on to recall a recent session of pretend play:

“[Alice] has a pretend hair-and-nail shop and I was doing her hair and make-up. I said, ‘Hello ma’am. What’s your name? What do you do?’” Tina says. “And she said, ‘I get paid to dance at parties.’ And I said, ‘Oh, no. That’s a terrible, terrible answer.’”

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  • Audrey

    I like. Someone thinking about what her children might have to see in the future.

  • Sophia

    I love Tina Fey. That’s all.

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  • Anonymous

    Kudos to her for her choices. next she should also stop smoking, using the same logic.

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