What Maternity Leave? 5 Celebrity Moms Who Rushed Back to Work After Birth

Usually after a woman gives birth, they take time for their bodies to rest, recover and for them to adjust to their brand new baby. Six weeks, two months, five months, even a year is pretty normal for a working mom. But not these workaholic wonders. Here are five celebrities who didn’t do a the classic maternity leave and who went right back to work soon after having a baby. Check them out here!

Gisele Bundchen
Just six weeks after giving birth in her bathtub to her son Benjamin, Gisele was back to posing for the cameras. She shot a campaign for the Brazilian clothing brand Colcci. A source at the shoot said she was “in shape as always.” And seeing what we have of her post baby body of late, you can tell that this is a fact not just speculation.

Heidi Klum
Just a month after her fourth baby Lou was born, the super model who has the most amazing bounce back of anyone, anywhere, was spotting shooting a commercial for a German shampoo. And then she went and hosted the Victoria’s Secret runway show just two weeks later! And in between those two events, she traveled with baby Lou for the first time, worked out a ton and did oodles of promo for the show. Heidi really works it, in more than one way.

Vera Farmiga
For her critically acclaimed roll in Up in the Air, Vera sacrificed time with her newborn to start working on the film just two weeks after the birth of her son. Although she was happy to get all the acclaim she said, “I could never reclaim these first precious moments of maternity. [But] I needed to pay my mortgage. It wasn’t an option. I had to do the role.”

Nicole Kidman
The Oscar winning actress went back to work on the film Australia just three weeks after having her daughter Sunday. And then she signed on to film Nine soon after saying, “I’d just given birth, so I was like, ‘OK, I’m still a woman – I want to do this film! And I do have a life other than simply feeding this baby.’ I think when you give birth you get itchy to get back to work and you want to feel life still goes on.”

Kim Raver
There was no rest for this TV star. A couple years ago, after having her second child, she was back on the set of her show Lipstick Jungle just a weeks after having a C-Section. She recalled a love scene she shot right after getting back to work. She had been pinned to a table and after they yelled ‘Cut’ she couldn’t get up. She was like “a bug stuck on my back. I had no stomach strength. And I’d had a C-section, so it was even worse!”

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    I agree with you, most moms who recently gave birth file their maternity leave for the purpose of giving attention to her newly born baby. However, there are really who return to their normal working schedules after giving birth. And It’s nice to know that you listed celebrity moms here who kept themselves even busy at their jobs after giving birth.

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