Beyonce Has A New Baby Brother!

There’s a new baby in Beyonce‘s life!

The 28-year-old songstress is not a mother yet, but she has officially become a big sister again. A DNA test has confirmed that Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, is the father of Alexsandra Wright’s new baby boy Nixon, TMZ reports.

Last month, we reported that Mathew denied the paternity claims. His rep said, “We are not aware of the birth of a child. Mr. Knowles has never had a DNA test. These rumors are untrue.”

Wright claims she had an 18-month affair with Knowles.

Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles filed for divorce from the pop diva’s father in December of last year.

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  • Robyn

    Yeah, I kinda doubt that child is going to be in Beyonce’s life.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Another man cheating on his wife! He is a loser!

  • Anonymous

    He is a disgusting old pig!

  • Anonymous

    This is not something Beyonce is happy about and I think the headline for this story is just wrong. Beyonce’s father cheated on her Mother and now has a child with someone else, I highly doubt this is something she is celebrating. Also, considering the woman he created this child with, knew he was Beyonce’s father and in fact was married, this is not something any homewrecking adultress should be proud of.

    • Verónica Ramos

      Totally AGREED with you.

  • Tricia

    I agree – the headline of this story is wrong. While it’s not the baby’s fault he was brought into the world by his father’s cheating and his mother carrying on an affair with a married man, it’s disrespectful to Beyonce and the other members of her family, especially her mother.

    The headline screams “let’s celebrate this situation even though it involves a cheating spouse and the bust up of a marriage and family.” Seriously, you couldn’t come up with a better headline?

  • Anonymous

    The person I feel sorry for is Kelly Rowland..She has not been claimed publicly as well..If the mother of Nixon had not made this public..Mathew would have covered this up as well..He paid for all her prenatal care so he knew he was the father… Poor Kelly, altho he did raise her.

    • Anonymous

      huh? what about kelly?

  • Anonymous

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