Ellen Pompeo Spotted With Stella Luna!

It’s our first glimpse of Stella Luna!

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo was spotted for the first time out and about with her 6-month-old daughter Stella at the Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood on Wednesday (March 24). Baby Stella is absolutely adorable!

The 40-year-old new mom recently talked about her hopes for Stella’s future:

I hope Stella has more self-confidence than I did as a child. Because when you believe in yourself and have a strong sense of self-worth, you don’t look for validation from others.”

Stella’s father is Ellen’s husband, record producer Chris Ivery.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Not how I expected her to look, but still so cute!! I have been really looking forward to seeing her πŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous

    Aww, little roly poly is so cute.

  3. Anonymous

    wow stella is much whiter then i would have expected with Chris ivery as her father!! she is a gorgeous little girl so so cute

  4. melo1983

    Just knew there would be comments about her color. Anyway, what a doll!!!!

    • Peta

      You thought that was bad? Just wait until these photos surface on another celebrity baby site. I just know some idiot is going to drag MJ’s children into it. >_< I think I'll avoid there for a day or two.


    What is wrong with you people(and by you I mean anyone who commented on her skin tone). First Nahla now Stella. First of all Black people come in all shades!!! Secondly, I don’t believe that Chris is all “BLack” himself….and thirdly you don’t know what other ethnicities people have in their background. She’s cute and she’s theirs END OF STORY!!!:)


    I’m not mad, but I think that she would have probably would have been offended.

  7. Anonymous

    Love her cheeks! she’s really cute and adorable πŸ™‚

  8. musiclover

    She is adorable! I love those cheeks and those lips! What a sweetie!

  9. Anonymous

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! they should have one more cause stella luna is just too cute.

  10. Ellen and Patrick mix

    She is so gorgeous and a doll. such a cute cute baby. and mommy too. Ellen is beyond adorable carrying her daughter, protecting her head like that. awwwwww.

    Don’t shoot me. but with all honesty Stella looks like a mix of Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. She has that sad eye look that Patrick has. it’s very obvious, even her eyebrows are exactly the same cut as PDs. has her mommy eyes mommy lips mommy cheeks the Pompeo clan general looks. Part of Ellens family has dark hair and dark eyes. Stella looks like Maureen, Ellens big sister. but mostly it’s a beautiful gorgeous mix of Ellen and Patrick.
    There is no Chris in her AT ALL. At least it’s what I think.

    ok, you can shoot me now.

  11. Sophia

    Ellen and Patrick mix, pretty sure those two would make a far fairer, bluer-eyed baby than Stella. I’m not going to “shoot” you, but that was a pretty odd comment to make.
    Stella Luna is just adorable, a real beauty πŸ™‚

  12. Sophia

    Personally, I think she’s all daddy.

  13. maleah

    I think Stella is a carbon copy of Chris. Especially when she was 4 months there no way denying Chris is Stella father.

  14. Lioness

    Yeah, Ellen and Patrick mix, I think you’re seeing what you want to see, lol. I echo other posters, Stella is pretty much all Daddy, she looks very much like Chris. Don’t see where Patrick Dempsey even comes close in resemblance, lol… stop trying to start rumors πŸ˜‰

  15. Hannah.J

    I love her name, Stella is such a little cutie.

  16. Anonymous

    Stella looks a lot like Darby Dempsey i41.tinypic.com/2zgbu38.jpg

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. Don’t know what fans even call them, Dempeo is it?
      But thank you, she does look a bit like that, PDs son mouth is PDs pout. Something about her yells Patrick to me. I don’t follow personal lives or issues but it seems to me Ellen and her so called husband are seperated, aren’t they? She’s been alone ever since Stella was born it appears, he cheated didn’t he, got his if you ask me. Just my usual just jared photo observation. And I think it’s better for her because this man was bad news. Only spotted recently with another girl walking into a bar in LA. I think Ellen threw him out long time ago but happy lucky all is dandy ABC never allows you to talk seperation or divorce. Typical. As if the public doesn’t know. Back to this topic, I don’t see Chris in her at all. She is a lot like Ellen though. that’s my two cents on it.

    • Jake_Rt

      OMG same angry pout hahahaha
      I love Stellaaa She is soo beautiful
      how awesome if she’s the real Mcbaby
      no judgment here. I think Hollywood life is all screwed up and what we know is not the truth at all. So yay for Dempeo I say. πŸ™‚
      Stella Pompeo Dempsey??
      I like the sound of that.
      think if it is, it will ever be anounced public?
      since ABC as you say doesn’t allow anounced divorces, are they both seperated and together? I can soooo accept that and love it. πŸ™‚ those two are love and fankly have so much chemistry its crazy to ignore.
      AAWWWWWWWW I love baby Stella. beautiful mama and beautiful baby girl. love how she is looking at the camera people, wondering what they’re doing there taking shots. She’s very photogenic, just like mama. πŸ™‚ Go Ellen. One hot mama with one gorgeous baby.

  17. Anonymous

    When you zoom on the last pic her eyes don’t look brown I wonder if they’re grey, I love Grey eyes.

  18. Dana

    Eyes color change a lot with babies. hers look grey to me as well.
    I highly doubt she looks anything like Chris. I wouldn’t be surprised if hes not the father, I actually don’t think he is. What matter is Stella is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and so is her momy.
    God Bless them

  19. Anonymous

    Wow you guys are ridiculous! Just because she is not darker does not mean that Chris Ivory is not her dad. As a mother of a biracial child who was labelled as “too white looking” at birth, shame on you people! No wonder she kept her away from the media eyes for so long.

    • Anonymous

      No one said anything bad πŸ™‚ . She would be just as gorgeous black white yellow or red-I think they are talking about features here mostly-which I happen to agree on-no harm in that. this is hollywood-nothing we hear is the way we hear it or how they want us to believe it. πŸ™‚ it’s not far fetched at all that hes no the father and it’s ok. doesn’t mean we don’t love ELlen or her unbelievably gorgeous baby girl- can’t stop looking at those eyes and the pout- God I want to pinch those cheeks. πŸ™‚

  20. musiclover

    LOL, some of you guys are ridiculous! Patrick Dempsey is not this baby’s father! I know Patrick and Ellen have great chemistry together on the show….but you are grasping at straws saying that Stella is Patrick’s. Patrick and Ellen would have a fair blue-eyed baby. Take a look at this pick that Ellen showed on Ellen Degeneres’ show, of Chris holding Stella.
    In it it you can see that baby Stella, while not as dark as her father, is darker complected than her mother. Which would not be the case if Patrick was the father.

  21. Melonie

    it is the same idiot troll making the comments about the baby’s coloring and Patrick Dempsey..the same woman. Stella Luna is a gorgeous black white mix and she favors Nicole Richie’s son Sparrow and Tiger Wood’s Baby boy Charlie. I am a biracial woman myself with six brothers and sisters and all of my siblings are very very light with straight brown to blond hair and light eyes. There is no one look for mixed raced babies it’s just that Stella takes more after her mother’s side of the family that’s all.

  22. Kamygrey

    I’m a big DEMPEO fan but I’ve doubt that she’s PD’s daughter just her eyes say it all, but it’s true that her white skin & light hair can put some doubt about Chris!
    But I don’t want to enter in a polemic, she’s an innocent baby, we have no rights to mess up her life with unfounded suspicions.

    Stella is gorgeous and her eyes so expressive πŸ™‚ Happy to finally see a pics of Ellen with her baby πŸ™‚

  23. Anonymous

    I think we should all contact the women running this blog to inform them of the negative, questionable person constantly making vicious comments about biracial children.

  24. Anonymous

    Her eyes are dark blue/Grey, she’s a very beautiful little girl.

    I’m biracial too, and this baby doesn’t look like a bi racial baby at all, but it can appear later.
    For now she looks totally 100% caucasian

    I admit it surprised me how much she looks like Dempsey’s son, it’s very strange indeed.

    As for the eyes, Ellen’s brother Joey and sister maureen have dark eyes.

    To me this baby is a fair eyed dark blue baby, she could be Dempsey’s or not, I couldn’t care less, she’s adorable.

  25. Anonymous

    I didn’t know who was Ellen’s hubby, I googled and well, have to say that her baby doesn’t look like him at all.
    She looks 100% like mommy

  26. Anonymous

    “while not as dark as her father, is darker complected than her mother.”

    Yes but on the candids you can see that Stella is as white as her mommy, the pic showed on the Ellen DeGeneres show was a very bad and darkened pic.

    But really, is it important ?
    Who the father is ? or if she’s white or not ? she doesn’t look like Chris at all, that’s true, but it doesn’t mean anything I don’t look like my father either.

    I only care about Ellen, and if she’s happy, I’m happy for her, whoever is her baby’s daddy lol

  27. Lioness

    I can’t believe one person making one singular comment about this child’s paternity could kick off this whole long discussion about how dark Stella is/isn’t and how it would be cute for her name to be Stella Dempeo (?????wtf?????) and yadda yadda yadda. Some of you want Grey’s Anatomy to be real life- it’s not, give it a rest. If you look for things, you will always find them. There’s a little girl that seems to hang tough with Harlow Madden that resembles Shiloh- that doesn’t mean that Angie and Brad are her parents. Similar features among human beings unrelated to each other DO exist. You guys are REALLY grasping at straws here bringing PD into the mix- again, Grey’s Anatomy is NOT real, lol! This child, in the above picture, looks like Ellen and Chris. Period! Save the Meredith/Derek baby dreams for Grey’s, and stop providing the media with fodder, lol.

  28. Anonymous

    >>his child, in the above picture, looks like Ellen and Chris. Period! >>

    That’s your opinion.

    I don’t think she looks like Ellen’s husband at all, not even a bit.

  29. Anonymous

    I don’t see anything from her father in her either, I just see a lot of Ellen.
    Doesn’t mean Ellen’s husband is not the father, Stella just took all after her mom.

    Her eyes are so expressive, it’s true πŸ™‚

    And they look grey to me too, how cute is it ? Grey eyes are the most beautiful ones, and I’m not sayin’ this because mine are grey lol

  30. KX

    Jeeez so what if someone saw some Patrick in her. Is it the end of the world.
    Would it kill if you if that was true? would you hate on Ellen and Patrick if the true story was they are together for real but it’s hidden? would it hurt you if Chris wasn’t the dad? would it be the end of your world if Ellen and Chris are separated but keeping it all private?? nooo. People are just expressing their thoughts about it, no harm donw cause non of the stras even read these comments. they are all for fan fun and dailogue. I for one see no Chris in her AT ALL, NOT ONE BIT. She’s all Ellen and so gorgeous. Shes perfect.
    I might even agree she has Patrick’s eyebrow grin. but thats just me.
    has nothing to do with skin color, hating or loving someone, it’s a simple opinion. And When stars allow these pics, they usually want to start something.

    Anyhowss Stella POMPEO is absolutely amazingly beautiful charming and soo cute.

  31. Anonymous

    i actually think she looks like chris.

  32. Anonymous

    She has her dad’s eyes and lips but she looks mostly like Ellen.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree, she has Ellen’s eyes, the exact same shape and same for the lips, Ellen has pretty full lips herself.
      To me this baby looks 100% like her mom

      • Anonymous

        I agree. She’s 100% Ellen. the eyes, the mouth. the nose. all Ellen and nothing in her says Chris to me. comparing pictures next to each other, she looks a lot like someone else, not Chris but I will keep that to myself since most will probably attack me like I killed their mother.
        All in all a very adorable truly beautiful Stella. Well done mama Ellen.
        Love the pictures of her protecting her head. So sweet.

  33. Tracee

    I’m biracial and I have sisters who looked exactly this way when they were born. I took on more color than my siblings but this is not surprising to me at all. With biracial babies you never can tell.

  34. SA

    Funny how people here sound as if it them that are offended if one says there is a possibility that what is known to the fans is not the total truth. Yeah believe everything you are told as it is.


    THIS IS HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE. NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. it’s not offending anyone when over 100 people think the same thought on several major sites with Ellen’s beautiful baby picture finally appeared after 6 MONTHS.
    She’s gorgeous and YES it is possible that Chris is not the dad. SO WHAT. Hollywood marriages are 80% NOT REAL. Are an image based on contracts for networks and to benefit both sides for certain purposes. So what’s the big deal if, hypothetically Ellen decided to finally show Stella and come clean, just a thought. Point is fans shouldn’t be judgmental if this happens with anyone, cause no one knows what those peoples lives are really like. All Im saying is keep your minds open people. And since everyone is simply admiring the baby and guessing the dad, well maybe cause Chris has been MIA since before Christmas. That’s 4 full months almost. Hollywood, not all what it seems.


  35. Anonymous

    She is so beautiful. God bless them. Ellen is an amazing mom

  36. Anonymous

    Stella is gorgeous!!! What a cutie πŸ™‚

  37. Tia

    Such a beautiful angel face. OMG ELLEN POMPEO YOU’VE DONW GOOD πŸ˜€
    amazing actually. She is adorable.

    I agree with you. I saw the dark blue, such beautiful eyes. they talk to you.
    Shes a lot like her mama. I wish Ellen and Stella loads of happiness.

  38. AnnieT

    What a cute little one Stella is!

    No offense, but when it comes to biracial babies, I’m always curious about their skin tones, eyes and hair color. Because like somebody mentioned before, black people come in different shades, and so do other races and ethnicities, and if a baby is lucky enough to be a mix, isn’t it curious to see what he or she will look like as he/she grows up? There’s nothing wrong in discussing Stella’s looks in that way, I believe.

    And frankly speaking, I can hardly ever name a biracial person I can’t consider beautiful.

  39. Alice

    AnnieT I’m 100% with you.
    I’m so tired by people getting so offended by the skintone comments! If Jessica Alba and Cash Warren had a red-haired kid (which would be strange/rare but possible) everyone would be commenting on it, and rightly so! We are here to comment on these babies’ looks and cuteness!
    Children of biracial people can be every shade from blond to brown and you can never guess until you see them. It’s just really interesting and fun to discuss and most importantly harmless! No one is offended when we discuss eye colour or other details.
    Now about the paternity discussion *that* is really weird!

  40. JFK

    quick observation, dont hate me BUT where is Ellens wedding Ring??

  41. Tia

    I think Chris is GOOOOOONE
    no more
    She has been without her wedding ring the past 3 or so paparazzi pictures, not like Ellen, not like Ellen at all.

    he has been spotted in a bar in LA with another lady. some girl tweeted it, called him cheater cheater, she works there. and he was in another party in NY or someplace else it was on google.

    Ellen deserves much better. I hope she find the happiness and bliss she and the gorgeous Stella deserve.

  42. Anonymous

    i think stella really looks like someone’s son and she has somebody else’s pout and eyebrows and the sad looking eyes(won’t mention any names anymore because most likely you’re gonna bash me).. she really looks like a caucasian from that pic!whether chris is her father or not we will never know because this is hollywood people they say what they want us to believe in…

  43. Anonymous

    She doesn’t look like Chris at all to me, but not a big deal, and her eyes are grey πŸ™‚

  44. Anonymous

    If she’s going back to the set she usually dones’t wear the rings when doing Greys or exercising.

  45. Anonymous

    I also think it’s interesting to find out what biracial children will come to look like. If anything, it’s more educational than judgmental as we don’t even fully understand human genetics.

    Anyways, there is the possibility that maybe she got a sperm donor or it isn’t Chris’ baby. One of my friends (full African American) told me that black babies are very white when born and get darker over time. Since it’s been 6 months I think Stella would be darker which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone else’s baby.

    And people shouldn’t be so “ashamed” to comment on the baby’s skin tone. This is Hollywood and do you think Ellen is really going to look this up? There is a reason celebs aren’t up to date with twitter/facebook/myspace etc. They don’t want to be vulnerable to more publicity.

    Anyways, I am a big Grey’s Anatomy fan and it would be awesome of Ellen and Patrick hooked up. Just saying, it’s every Grey’s Anatomy fan’s dream!

  46. Loka

    Chris is the father. The baby is biracial. Not ever kid is going to look like both parents. Biracials come in different shades of skin, eyes, and hair.

    Accept it and move on.

    Grow up Christ haters, and baby-bashers.

  47. Loka

    Chris is the father. The baby is biracial. Not ever kid is going to look like both parents. Biracials come in different shades of skin, eyes, and hair.

    Accept it and move on.

    Grow up Chris haters, and baby-bashers.

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