Giuliana Rancic On Whoopi Goldberg: I Lost A Lot Of Respect For Her

After starting IVF treatment earlier this year, E! host Giuliana Rancic says that there is no baby news to pass along just yet.

“I can tell you that I’m definitely not pregnant,” she reports. “It hasn’t happened yet. Bill and I are in the midst of it all, and we’re trying very hard and hope that we get good news very soon!”

Giuliana, who is married to Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, also weighed in on her recent appearance on The View, where host Whoopi Goldberg took the svelte star to task for saying she had to “bite the bullet” and reluctantly put on a few pounds at the advice of her doctor.

Admitting that she “lost a lot of respect” for Whoopi that day, Giuliana, 35, reveals that she heard from many other women who were also offended by the outspoken host’s remarks.

“When she brought it up the day [I was there], fine, I get it, she’s entitled to her own opinion,” she says. “But that offended a lot of women because they emailed saying ‘Whoopi made it sound like it was easy to have a kid, like gain five pounds and you’ll be fertile.’ I did gain weight, and I still didn’t have a kid.”

What did you think of Whoopi’s comments?

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  1. Anonymous

    I thought she was very rude and insensitive towards Guiliana. That’s a very sensitive issue and Whoopi shouldn’t have been so cold and harsh towards her.

    • Susan

      Giuliana, I love you and Bill. I read some postings that were mean to you.
      Forget all of them you are awesome! I love your personality, enthusiasm, your sense of humor – all of it – you are the real deal. You are beautiful no matter how much you weigh or don’t weigh. All my very best to both of you. I hope you keep doing the show I tape it so I won’t miss an episode! You bring light in my life that I really need. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous

    I am with Whoopi, if you want something so bad, then you gotta do the work. First thing Guiliana does in the morning is work out, and I’m not saying stop working out, I’m just saying don’t do it 6 or 7 days a week. Cut back on working out and introduce the healthy fatty foods that you need to be eating in order to conceive.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with Whoopi. Guiliana opened herself up to the opinions of the cohosts by going on the show and discussing her infertility. I watched the show and I thought Whoopi was just being very real with her, not coddling her at all. Guiliana only gained the minimum 5 pounds, the low end of what she was advised to gain. It’s obviously a major control issue for her, and she does need to bite the bullet and gain more to increase her chances for fertility. Gaining 10 to 15 lbs would still place Guiliana in a healthy BMI range no doubt, she seems a bit underweight now. I don’t think Whoopi was guaranteeing that she would immediately conceive, she was just telling her you know what you have to do to make this baby more possible!

    • Carter

      Well stated, “Anonymous”.

    • Renee

      I totally agree with Whoopi. If you really want a baby so badly…you will do anything and everything…My husband & I went through it…I had to give up so many things in which I have never regretted till now! It was difficult conceiving my 1st & 2nd…the 3rd came as a real surprise as we thought God is really fair and thanking him all the way. We conceived with just one of my ovaries in working condition! We scanned twins but one couldn’t survive. It’s still a blessing!

  4. Jenna

    I thought Whoopi was completely out of line, but honestly over the years I have all but stopped watching The View because I have been so disappointed in Whoopi’s various comments on various subjects! Before The View I thought Whoopi was open minded and kind, and I was so sad to learn otherwise. I just happened to have the tv on during the view for her interview with Guilianna and was once again reminded why I stopped watching! LOVE YOU G!!!

  5. Anonymous

    thats just very insensitive of whoopi..shes trying as hard as she can to conceive and for someone to say that?yes everyone is entitled to their opinion..but thats very rude…

  6. Victoria

    I don’t think Whoopi was being insensitive, all she did was say that Guliana had to bite the bullet to do what the doctor said and gain weight if she wanted to further make her dream of having a baby more of a possibility, which is true; she didn’t say that it was going to be easy or that Guliana was going to have a baby like that. Whenever you go on The View these women have strong opinions, and I don’t think they showed her any disrespect. I think overall that Whoopi Goldberg in fact keeps it real and tells the truth, instead of beating around the bush, there are just alot of people that can’t handle the truth and get angry.

  7. Victoria

    On a second note, I know that there are some people that are just plain insensitive, mean, rude, etc. But I think people in general need to realize that other people will not have the same opinions as them, and that doesn’t make them narrowminded, though we all have or insensitive moments, no matter who we are.

  8. Anonymous

    I cannot stand Whoppie Goldberg! The only thing she is good for is talking negative about people! Honestly, they should seriously think about replacing her with somebody else. Its not just Giuliana, she is always talking about someone!

  9. Tif

    this happened ages ago! someone needs more publicity….. just sayin.

  10. Anonymous

    I think the concern is that Giuliana is looking like she is way below a healthy weight. I read Giuliana’s blog or some kind of post on her website, and it appears that from her diet/exercise plan she has a problem. I can not claim that I know for sure what her health is, but from her appearance and from the nature of that blog/website post, it seems that she has some body issues. She needs to get in control of them for her own health as well as for fertility and having a baby. That being said, fertility is a difficult issue and I can see why she would be frustrated with whoopi’s comments. I wish her and her husband the best.

  11. Eva_baby

    Actually Whoopi didn’t tell her to “bite the bullet” and gain 5-10 pounds. Her doctor told her to. GR went on The View and put out there that her weight is a possible issue in her inability to conceive according to her own doctor.

    This is what Whoopi said IN RESPONSE:
    “You know what, you want to have a baby, you need to prepare your body for that other person who’s going to be there. And there’s no buts. If you want a baby, this is what you have to do. So you have to make that decision.”

    How in the world can she be all whining about what Whoopi said when she put it out there in the first place? What did Whoopi say that was so objectionable given what Giuliana herself revealed about her own doctor’s advice?

    • Lioness

      That was it? What was so bad about that? Whoopi just reiterated what the doctor said, why’s Giuliana so upset? It’s not like Whoopi made a judgment on her- she basically just rephrased and restated what the doctor said. I thought it would be worse.

    • Jeni

      Exactly, I remember watching the interview and Giuliana just didn’t seem to get it.

      Obviously if your doctor is telling you to gain weight to have a better chance of conceiving then you should take that advice and go for it. 5lb. isn’t going to do anything, especially since she seems so thin. If she wants to have a baby she’s going to be gaining weight, so gaining the weight now to help her have a baby should be easy-peasy if she really wants to have a baby. I know if I was having trouble having a baby I’d take whatever my doctor said and go for it.

      Honestly, I think she has an image problem that she’s struggling with. I understand that she’s on TV and in the public eye and I think she brought that up. But people are going to criticize you no matter what, so that fact that you’d be doing whatever (gaining weight, etc) to do something incredible (to have the possibility of having a child) I think you should put the public aside and do what you need to do. She brought up the fact that the wardrobe people always bring her little tiny outfits or whatever, but I’m sure if she let them know she was trying to have a baby, they’d work with her

  12. Anonymous

    I somewhat agree with Whoopi. I really like Giulinana as a person, but if she’s trying to conceive a baby, what’s gaining 5 or 10 pounds to conceive, seeing as how she is probably going to gain some weight if she gets pregnant. If her concern is gaining weight, then maybe pregnancy isn’t for her. Maybe she should adopt, and not worry about gaining the weight?

  13. linda

    Saw it on the internet, Whoopi was out of line – she’s inconsiderate, I totally agree with what G said in another article recently… she was treating her like she’s an actress, she’s an entertainment reporter.. regardless I too would have low respect for Whoopi the way she hosts the show at times I wish Elizabeth was the main host – or Barbara they are very considerate and broadminded – Whoopi gives out too much negativity on people..

  14. Colleen

    I have to agree with Whoopi. I saw the episodes of the show when Giuliana’s doctor told her she needed to gain the weight. If Giuliana is so desperate to have a child, she needs to stop being selfish, and do what her physician tells her. Bill was on-board with the idea, suggesting that he himself would gain five pounds. It sounds to me like Giuliana is being a selfish brat and in the back of her head, she doesn’t want to lose her figure to have a baby.

  15. Lori

    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what Whoopi said. Giuliana seems dead set against gaining weight and I think Whoopi was just telling her if that is what you have to do, then do it. If you really want a baby, do what the doctor tells you to do. How is she going to handle being pregnant if she is so obsessed with being as thin as a rail?

  16. anastasia beaverhousen

    Giuliana has obvious major worries and issues about the idea of gaining weight. She doesn’t want to “get fat”…Society is very critical of “fat”, and who can blame her for being scared, even at the cost of not getting pregnant…everybody’s different, but if she could somehow deal with the gaining weight issue, and gain 15 or so pounds, her hormones, and other various factors would most likely help her greatly, especially in her case, since her own doctor is advising…poor Giuliana! -also- She may have a very hard time dealing with the weight gain of a normal pregnancy, if she indeed does get pregnant…maybe some pre-pregnancy counseling would be in order, so she can deal with the weight gain pregnancy…good luck finding a good one Giuliana! God will help you with what is best for you. -While we are on the subject…Giuliana should try that “special location” in Australia that Nicole Kidman says helped her to get pregnant, she said it had special powers for her and her co-workers, or something…

  17. Anonymous

    G decided to do a reality show so she shouldn’t be offended when people start critising her. Quite frankly I think she is jinxing her marriage by being so open about her private life.

    I agree with the comments she needs to stop being so shallow like most women in Hollywood & put on the weight, it’s not like she is a famous A-lister anyway!! If she wants a baby desperately then she has to do what it takes and that includes listening to her doctor.

  18. Anonymous

    I agree with whoopi…if you are an unhealthy weight to support a baby then you are probably overdoing it. She wasn’t saying that it was easy, she was basically making the point that showbiz people are TOO skinny and they don’t realize how unhealthy it is. Putting on weight isn’t that hard, and I have to wonder if Giuliana can let go of her image and how she sees herself enough to really put the effort forth for this baby?

  19. ibiene

    If G is serious at all about having a baby then she should follow doctor’s order. whats wrong with what Whoopi said? as far as Im concern nothing wrong, for your information G you are too thin, you look all head, and eye. you look sick especially around your neck line; you need to gain weight seriouly.

  20. Anonymous

    hi, giuliana n bill. i watch ur series on our national TV (Astro Malaysia), and i just love it! You’re guys are funny and happy and I wish you all the best! Well, dont worry about getting pregnant, try all the possible ways and let’s leave it to Allah The Almighty, keep believe in Him, (for He is The Creator of the human beings), I did it, and thanks to Him I have been blessed with two sons now. Good life to you and Bill…..

  21. Anonymous

    Giuliana…Whoppi is right…When you get pregnant you were gainin weight anyway, not 5 pounds only, theres about 20 pounds… and the reason you gave for not gaining weight is that “i wear sample sizes”…looks so dumb

  22. mpho khosa

    I think you are concentrating too much on this, that is why is not easy to conceive, I wet throughthe same deal of trying and nothing worked, till some one said the day you ovulate that’s when you try cause your egg will be ready and when you ovulate you will feel it , then tell your hubby to have sex with no stress and you will fall pregnant. If GOD wants you to have kids you will.

  23. sakkie90

    Guiliana, you are truly a beautiful woman, but I have too agree….you’re just too thin. I would love to see you at a healthy weight, you will then go from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous and healthy. This weight issue is more than just about your baby, it is actually also about your own fans’ concern for your well-being. I really do hope all goes well and you have a beautiful baby, even if you decide to adopt. All the best…

  24. Anonymous

    We tried IVF and it did not work. Trying to have a baby become an addiction and I would have done anything to make my family complete. Be careful to stay true to you. Ignore everything else but be open to your husband and your needs. At some point, you will not be on the same page and it is difficult. Your body is going through so much and your husband though loving cannot understand nor can your friends. You will fill alone many times, seek a support group of caring, honest, loving people.

    We eventually adopted a boy. I must tell you, you need to develop a hard outer skin for this as well. A lot of people will disagreed with adoption. They have never been dealt this hand of not being able to have a child including my sister. It was painful…and most have no idea what they are talking about. People will be vocal. In my case, when we finally adopted, we had to deal with people asking why we were adopting someone elses problem… the genes will be bad and you will be faced with problems…and the harshes…why are you adopting a bi-racial child (from both races equally bad). I even had a female boss who told me if I wanted to continue to be promoted, I needed to give up the idea of a child.. (I quit this job). Many people chose not to continue the friendship based on thier views. Their loss… My marriage did not make it through all this. I wonder if we had not tried so hard, would we have made it… Never will know for sure.

    I do know that I have never felt so much love for anyone like I feel for my son. He is the most wonderful child any mother could want. He is now 19, the most handsome, talented young man and perfect exactly the way he is. This last summer he joined the Army and I cannot tell you how proud I am of him. Scared to death but proud.

    So ignore and do not take to heart what anyone says. Be true to you and your husband and in the end your life is blessed with or without a child either way filled with love.

  25. Anonymous

    If you don’t want your business in the street (or unwanted advice) then don’t make a TV show out of it. Anyway, she’s italian and gorgeous. She’d probably look even more beautiful with a few more pounds. LOL! She’s got to realize that she’s not going to stay a size 2 while pregnant.

    Giuliana, if you are reading this, EAT A BURGER! You are beautiful no matter what size you are. Being a mom rocks. Don’t just do IVF. Look inoto adoption too. Enjoy motherhood as soon as you can, however you can. Kids are a blessing, and they don’t care about your dress size.

  26. Mr. Willis

    Team Whoopi on this one. And I usually despise The View idiots. But Rancic put her own head on the chopping block when she and hubs agreed to do a reality show. It sounds like she likes the approval and validation of her POV, but when someone disagrees with her, she plays all hurt. She does that sh*t on Fashion Police whenever she tries to emulate the look of a celeb she’s seen on the red carpet. “Don’t you think I look like her” she’ll purr, or something to that effect. What would she DO if someone said, “Hell no, beeyotch, you are FUG!”.

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